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RSA_marquee.jpgRafal Los (AKA the Wh1t3Rabbit) the Prinicipal of HP's Strategic Security Services recapped what he recently saw on the show floor at RSA 2014, the premiere conference for Enterprise IT security. In his post, Here a box, there a box, everywhere a box … breached  he deftly outlines six major themes as well as what security professional are (and aren't) offering. 


To hear him tell it, " ... it’s clear that anyone with even a half-baked idea that can throw the word security on it can get VC funded and launched. Let me be totally honest, if you didn’t go this year I can sum it up for you quite succinctly: “Buy this box, it’s the solution.”


To be fair, there were two sides of the exhibition—the “big booth” side, where all the big boys had these massive booths, and the “everyone else” space that was on the other side of the street. Not to take anything away from any organization that had a booth on the smaller side (because there were a few gems over there, and you know who you are), which didn’t feel the need to hire nearly obscene ‘models’ to stand and hawk their wares. But rather settled for a modest space to lure prospective customers in with the promise of help.


Let’s face it: The industry has a ‘box problem.’ And everyone will sell you a solution to what ails you. No joke. The real problem—from the perspective of anyone who’s been in the industry trenches long enough to know—is that none of these solutions actually solve a problem completely on their own. A few of them create entirely new problems you didn’t have before installing their box."


Check out the full post here.


MWC.jpgRichard Arthur, who leads the Services and Solutions Marketing team in HP’s Communication and Media Solutions business unit, covers Mobile World Congress in his post Digesting Mobile World Congress 2014: Six Key Themes and Two Future Scenarios. He recaps product announcements and awards as well as covering the announcement of HP's Open NFV Program. 


OpenNFV, is a comprehensive Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Program designed to help the telecommunications industry accelerate innovation and launch new services faster, easier and with less expense through the virtualization of telecommunications core networks and network functions.


NFV is an industry transformation that HP has helped create through early engagements with BT and Verizon. It is a demand from Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to achieve the same level of agility and cost base as the over-the-top (OTT) service providers like Skype and Google are enjoying. The ETSI NFV group was started about a year ago and now has more than 150 CSP participants and is taking a leading role in NFV adoption.


At the heart of NFV is an architectural revolution for network applications to be moved away from standalone proprietary implementations into software entities delivered on enterprise standard IT architectures. HP is uniquely positioned to help the industry undertake this transformation. HP OpenNFV Program is designed to accelerate the industry’s NFV transformation. 


To learn more about HP OpenNFV, check out the NFV landing page.


Like the Wh1t3Rabbit, Richard clearly outlines six key themes from Mobile World Congress. But he also adds two future scenerios, "In scenario one, Facebook provides free internet to the unconnected masses via drones while Google launches balloons that carry Wi-Fi to places still unconnected. These brands become bigger than any telecom brand to communications customers in the developing world.


Scenario two hits a bit closer to home and plays out in real time:


Glance at smart watch—beer time. Tap to connect to Brewbot and verify via smartphone that beer is proper temperature. Command connected car to retrieve beer and deliver to friend’s house, where chips and dip are waiting in the Bluetooth speakers playing Smartphone DJ mixed music … Oh and don’t forget the Tapas by app."


Check out Richard's complete post here.



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