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Does your House of IT need an Extreme Makeover?

In my third interview on sdrnews.com, Andy McCaskey builds upon the profiling of applications that we discussed in the first interview to consider various options for housing the applications on the right infrastructure. After an initial discussion about the significance of having the right infrastructure for the right application, the interview gets into the different types of personalities like the Big Kahuna, Problem Child, Lone Star, Crowd Pleaser and the Generalist.


In the typical Andy McCaskey style that I have come to appreciate and enjoy, he prompted me to consider the suitability of various applities for cloud computing.


Some interesting points from this interview:


  • I discussed how Applity is in the eye of the beholder. What you think about the applity depends on who you are. Just like what you perceive the cloud to be depends on who you are.
  • After presenting the applities at an HP Discover 2012 session, one of the attendees observed that applications personalities are “simplifying in layman’s terms what is really a complex problem.”
  • At the end of the interview, Andy observes: I can see the power of this -- when you have thousands of applications in your portfolio, this technique facilitates finding the right home for the applications.


Which makes me pose you a question for your consideration: Does your house of IT need to be simplified? Are you sure that you are providing the right home for your applications? Please let me know.


While I await your response, I will move on to document my experience being interviewed by Andy again at the HP Discover 2012 conference on the synergies of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Information Analytics.


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