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Extending applications personalities to cloud computing service providers

Not too long ago, I introduced the concept of personalities being associated with applications. The underlying purpose was to profile them so that we can determine the strategic and tactical steps we can take to manage their complex environment. However, as we architect the enterprise to transform to the cloud across the right mix of cloud environments, some of these applications are likely to be replaced by service providers who need to be managed as well. This raises the question in my mind as to whether the concept of application personalities could be extended to service providers. I wonder.


As humans, we can easily relate to our fellow human beings' emotions, expressions and feelings. This is why I tend to characterize inanimate objects and entities using personalities rather than abstract qualities that one has to visualize. Our affinity to such characterization goes all the way back to the Little Engine that Could. I think I can also extend it to movies where automobiles have been brought to life with emotional expressions. I’m sure you are thinking of a couple of movies even as you are reading this sentence!


Deborah Kops, Research Fellow, Horses for Sources awards merit badges to Outsourcing service providers while profiling their experience using names like Bid Fodder, Scope Shrinkage, etc. Interestingly enough, the graphics she uses to depict each badge are cartoon characters that convey an expression -- or in other words, a personality that we can relate to. Thus, service providers can have personalities too.


The difference in this case is that Kops's merit badges are impressions that service providers have about themselves based upon their experience dealing with current and prospective customers. It is more a self-portrayal of their experience.


Even so, Kops's post is triggering some intriguing thoughts in my mind about the possibility of personalizing our own customer experience with our service providers. How effective are they in meeting the service levels? How reliable and available are they? What is the level of security you can associate with their services? After all, guess who is responsible when it comes to Cloud Security?


What are your thoughts? Where are you on your transformation journey to the Cloud? How would you characterize your experiences with your Cloud service providers? Do you think it would help to personalize your experience with them? Please let me know.


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angelss | ‎11-15-2014 04:19 PM

Thank, i like this

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