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Finding the right home for your Applications – Nadhan extends Applities to Infrastructure

So, it was not many months back that I outlined the manner in which the behavioral characteristics of applications can facilitate their profiling to address various aspects of their management and maintenance. I equated application profiles to human personalities and also coined the term -- applities -- a term that represents application personalities. The ensuing discussions in social media -- internal and external -- led me to wonder whether this analogy can be extended to the enabling infrastructure where applications are housed. Patti Putnicki from OutSourcing Center interviewed me and has put in words my thoughts along with her own embellishments in this article titled Giving your IT Environment a (Not So) Extreme Home Makeover.


In other words, can we characterize the nature and type of infrastructure that can be used to effectively accommodate applications? After all, applications -- like people -- need a home as well. Does the nature of the applity determine the type of infrastructure? I was intrigued to find out that this is indeed the case. Thus was born the concept of Applities being accommodated in your house of IT just like you accommodate guests during the holidays. It gave rise to the potential need for remodeling (think Transformation and Modernization) needed for your House of IT to accommodate the guests (applities).


After reviewing the article on Applities already published– Understanding your Application "Personality" can help you make better IT decisions as well as my original post on mapping application profiles to human personalities, Patti Putnicki from OutSourcing Center interviewed me providing me an opportunity to share my detailed insights on extending Applities to the infrastructure.   Patti has done a really nice job capturing my overall perspective in this article.


Thus, if you are interested in Giving your IT Environment a (Not So) Extreme Home Makeover, click away and let me know your thoughts.


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