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HP DISCOVER Breakout Session—De-mystifying IT Transformation

4242_Infrastructure_Transformation.jpgIf your organization recognizes the need for IT transformation to reduce overall IT cost and maximize ROI on IT investments, but often struggle with how to do so, you should attend HP DISCOVER Session ID #4242: De-mystifying IT Transformation—achieving IT optimization through transformation.


  • Date: Wednesday, June 08
  • Time: 9:30am

 Presented by Shawna Rudd, HP Product Marketing Manager of Data Center Modernization Services, with support from a panel of seasoned Infrastructure Transformation consultants, you will learn the essentials for IT Transformation success.


Recently I caught up with Shawna to ask a few questions regarding her HP DISCOVER 2011, Las Vegas Breakout Session.


 Shawna, How did you get involved in HP DISCOVER?


“I support the Data Center Modernization space within HP’s IT Infrastructure Outsourcing organization, and as such work closely with our Enterprise Business partners in the Infrastructure Modernization, Applications Modernization and Critical Facilities spaces. There are a number of sessions at Discover focused on Applications Modernization, and our leadership wanted to shed some light on the Infrastructure side of the IT Transformation coin. So, I was engaged to pull a session together that focused on just that.”


What topic will you be speaking about?


“Unlike the princess kissing a frog that magically transforms into a handsome prince – there’s less magic and mystery associated with a successful IT Transformation. IT Transformation success has more to do with a solid transformation plan and methodology than anything else.

Rather than simply getting up and sharing everything I’ve learned from our Infrastructure Transformation consultants, I felt our HP DISCOVER attendees would benefit more from hearing what the real infrastructure experts had to say. So…I engaged seasoned Infrastructure Transformation consultants from the data center, network and workplace infrastructure arenas to help paint a holistic picture of the value of Infrastructure transformation. 

They’ll be sharing insights into the most popular areas of transformation in each of their areas, transformation projects with the fastest or best ROI, how to handle common transformation setbacks and  imperatives for IT Transformation success. They will also be making themselves available to you for one-on-one discussions following the session.” HP_FIN_SERV.jpg


What knowledge will attendees walk away with?


“Participants will walk away with an enhanced transformation perspective and guidance associated with each of these areas (data center, workplace and network), as well as knowledge of how HP Financial Services can help develop a financial architecture to drive infrastructure transformation plans.”  


Why is this topic important to our customers?         


“Infrastructure Transformation is only one piece of a more holistic IT Transformation Strategy, and in the IT space change is constant and inevitable.  Whether enterprises are choosing to evaluate infrastructure improvements as part of a longer-term end-to-end IT Strategy… or focused on identifying and exploiting incremental opportunities for cost and operational improvement within the infrastructure…the need for continuous infrastructure rationalization guaranteed.  Infrastructure rationalization and optimization will be required to enable Applications Modernization efforts and achieve the desired alignment of IT to support business objectives.


From the desktop to the data center…at every level of IT Management…enterprises’ costs, effectiveness, business continuity plans, ability to respond to market demands are all at risk as a result of complex, over-provisioned and under-utilized infrastructures. Most enterprises use only 15% to 20% of available server and storage capacity, but spend up to 90% of the annual IT budget on maintaining a pool of underutilized systems.


For our clients to deliver an Instant-On experience to their clients…we need to enable them to reduce those costs, manage their IT risks and improve the responsiveness of their infrastructure to meet the demands of their IT consumers. We need to help them identify and exploit opportunities to squeeze more value out of their infrastructure assets.”


Have you participated in any of the previous HP events (Technology at work, SW universe, Tech Forum), and what are your thoughts on the combined event?

“I had the opportunity to attend HP Tech Forum last year, but not the other events you’ve listed.  However…I do feel that combining these events will provide HP customers with a one-stop-shopping opportunity. With the increased focus on IT Services at this year’s  Discover event, HP customers will have access to information and resources about the full spectrum of technology and services HP can provide – enabling them to get all the product, services and contact information they need in one trip.” Frog_Prince_4242.jpg


Shawna, is there anything else you want to add?

“Yes. Infrastructure Transformation is an inevitable enabler to application and business process transformation.  Whether your focus is strategic or tactical, HP is here to help.  If you are leading, supporting, or planning an infrastructure transformation project within your enterprise, you should join us for this session at HP DISCOVER 2011to discover how we can help you turn that mystical frog into a prince and achieve your “Happily Ever After”. 


Thank you, Shawna. In conclusion, if your organization recognizes the need for IT transformation to reduce overall IT cost and maximize ROI on IT investments, attend HP DISCOVER 2011 Session ID #4242: De-mystifying IT Transformation—achieving IT optimization through transformation. HP has decades of infrastructure rationalization experience. During this session, you will hear from Shawna Rudd and our panel of experts as they provide insights into high-priority areas of transformation from the desktop to the data center, best practices and lessons learned when considering IT transformation.


For more information on HP DISCOVER 2011 and any of the 28 HP Enterprise Services related sessions, or to register to attend, visit the HP DISCOVER 2011 Website.




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