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HP ENVISION helps support HP's promise

Career guidance in the UK is historically hard to come by. Schools and further education establishments want to help their students into the next steps of their working life, but often lack the knowledge, resources or information on employers and industries. This lack of guidance has led students to increasingly focus on attending university as their primary career path, resulting in degrees from universities that don’t immediately lead to employment.


20131102_HP-LA_JCR_9507_v2.jpgTo overcome this challenge, the UK government developed an initiative that encourages employers to create apprenticeships and entry-level training opportunities to broaden the horizons of students and removes the assumption that university is the only access point to the working world.


Aiding in the initiative is a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to create a social enterprise to connect students to these new opportunities, provide them with the information and resources to help them achieve their career goals, and connect businesses to the most qualified talent. They wanted to base the idea after the Good Schools Guide, an online source and book that provides parents and students in the UK with education data and other resources to help in selecting the school that best fits them.

And so the idea of the Good Careers Guide was born. But like many start-ups, the Good Careers Guide needed clarification on its vision and how to translate it into an actionable plan that would carry through from startup to production. Luckily, one of the founders of the Good Careers Guide had an HP background, and knew it was the perfect time to reach out to the HP ENVISION team.


HP ENVISION is a first-of-its-kind global practice that brings together best practices from business strategy and IT transformation to help HP’s most important clients explore their strategic business outcomes, serving as a major touch point in the customer experience journey. It helps clients and HP focus on the right questions by working together as partners by co-developing a compelling story for key stakeholders. The practice facilitates carefully prepared and structured client summits, where customers can work through their business strategies visually through design-thinking principles. The process is engaging and immersive and plays a huge role in shaping customers’ perceptions about HP – often resulting in new business opportunities.


The practice supports Meg Whitman’s FY14 priority of Customer Experience. To keep our promise of making technology work for our customers, we have to put them at the center of everything we do. HP ENVISION serves as that connection point in making every interaction with clients matter.


The founders of the Good Careers Guide experienced this interaction first-hand. Together with HP ENVISION, the team spent a day in a room in order to discuss how to create traction in shaping and launching a social enterprise that would attract students, teachers and employers to use their service. Though not the typical profile of an HP ENVISION client, the team agreed to work with the founders of the Good Careers Guide as a pro bono exercise in order to help them through this pivotal point in their evolution. They talked through the vision of the platform in a very specifically designed framework, which included discussions around strategic outcomes, strengths and challenges, metrics and stakeholders, critical success factors, and more.


In the end, based on all that had been uncovered through the framework, the Good Careers Guide developed a roadmap for executing the launch of its social enterprise and created a set of actions and next steps for the next 90 days.


“We all found the process excellent,” Bill Visick, one of the directors of the Good Careers Guide, said in a post-summit review, “We wanted to develop the roadmap for the next stages of our business, and this experience absolutely enabled us to achieve that.”


Hugh Stafford-Smith, another founder of the Good Careers Guide echoed this sentiment, “It was an excellent day. You really made the brain cells fire and I very much enjoyed the process. The ability of HP ENVISION to help crystallize the aims of what is an ambitious project and get the team on the same wave length was most impressive.”


This feedback is not unfamiliar to the HP ENVISION team, which has worked with some of HP’s biggest-named clients in industries ranging from energy, mobile communications, e-commerce, luxury automobiles, financial services, and more to win new business for HP, open up new markets in new geographies, and mend relationships with prestigious clients.


“I'm very glad to have experienced first-hand the HP ENVISION process and I can absolutely see how it delivers value to HP and its clients,” Visick said.


Value is something that the team intends to continue to bring HP and its clients. With summits filling up the team’s schedule months in advance, HP ENVISION plans to further drive improvements in customer loyalty, enabling profitable growth and helping drive home HP’s promise and commitment to its customers.


The HP ENVISION team is coming to HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas! Be sure to register now, and make plans to see them in action. 




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