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Mobility, BYOD, Security, Future Trends: Around Enterprise Services, Feb 17

roundabout.jpgBy PT Umphress, Enterprise Services Global Marketing

Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is a large enterprise security debate. As employees embrace innovative tablets and smart phones that allow them to work from any location, BYOD  is causing concern for many enterprises.


In a discussion this week, a person stated that, to evaluate their imprint on an organization, they would put that organization name, along with their own first name, into a search engine. Maybe it’s just me but I’d never thought about impact assessment like this before.


I hadn’t planned to write on mobility again so soon, but, having just read Matt Hamblen’s article at Computerworld, “Chief mobile officer:  A job title now timely?”  it seems equally timely to continue the discussion. 


I was in a conversation the other day with a large organization and one of the leaders said: “What happened to Nanotechnology? I don’t really hear about it anymore.” I immediately came back to a comparison to software development in the 80s.


It’s speculated that 60%-70% of the world’s business data still resides on a mainframe somewhere.  That said…despite the processing power, reliability, security and scalability of the platform…it’s also well known for its high costs.


I had a chance to have dinner with Jim Spohrer (from IBM), Ammar Reyes (from Cisco) and Robin Williams (not that Robin Williams but a retired Life Fellow IEEE, Fellow ACM and [still] thought leader), while I was out in Cupertino this week, where we talked about services and an industry and a science.


I blogged earlier about the extrapolated nature of 2017 and the technical drivers that will shift our thinking. Since that time, I’ve had a few people say: “Those are some interesting numbers, but what will that mean to me.”  So I thought I’d write down a few thoughts about what those numbers can actually mean.


I wondered about my Valentine at work.  I am one who ends up wearing different hats in the Services business and walk away with a wide array of emotions after I am done executing each role.  And I am wondering about the role that I like the best -- which in effect, shall we say -- is my Valentine at work.


Is delivering IT services from your data center stressful or peaceful? I just watched a clever video on the “Zen of the Data Center” that reminded me about everything that happens in a data center.  It’s been a little while since I’ve worked in a data center, but it all came back to me in a flash.


Last week, I was part of a panel discussing innovation and technical adoption with a number of CEOs in the Dallas Texas area. During the discussion we talked about the opportunities that exist around us and the new type of business models that will be driving organizations forward.


If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you and you're a CFO, it’s because of Payment Recovery Services. Every year enterprises lose millions of dollars due to undetected errors such as overpayment, duplicate payments and erroneous payments. In honor of Valentine's Day, we think it’s time for enterprises to get back their long lost love.


The truth is, most companies today still send data offsite via tape, and sometimes your data may not be as protected as you think. I started wondering, “What are businesses I use to purchase goods or bank with doing to protect my information?”

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