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Moving Media & Entertainment to the Cloud

I recently came across an HP viewpoint paper on moving media companies to the cloud. I’m interested in the topic as a consumer. I’ve gotten very used to watching TV without commercials thanks to the DVR and reading the news on my smartphone. I totally get wanting to be in control of where, when and how my content is consumed. And I’m not alone. More and more consumers want a rich media experience that is tailored to their needs and wants. That’s where the promise of cloud computing comes into play.


Thanks to Vinay Saxena, a distinguished technologist in HP Enterprise Services, I was able to get answers to a couple of questions about why and how media companies should make the move to cloud. Vinay has 15+ years of experience in architecting solutions from concept to deployment within the CME industries and is the Chief Architect at the Americas CME Solution Center at HP Enterprise Services.


Q. Why should Media & Entertainment companies make the move to cloud?


A. Today’s consumers are demanding. They expect their content to be delivered anywhere, anytime and across a dazzling array of media and devices. In this environment, traditional methods of managing content no longer work. Media organizations need to move towards alternative business models that enable the efficient creation, management, storage and delivery of digital content – including cloud computing. For many of these companies, cloud capabilities tuned specifically for media and entertainment requirements may be the solution.


Q. What cloud solutions does HP offer for Media companies?


A. HP offers innovative solutions for content owners, media aggregators and service providers to deliver video content (live or on-demand) using the latest advancement in technology,  By utilizing service oriented architecture (SOA) technologies, grid/clustered storage and principles of cloud, HP is able to help our customers generate additional revenue streams and also help them meet the needs of their on-the-go consumers.


HP Cloud Solutions for Media focus on Cloud DVR, Cloud Transcoding for 3-Screens, Over the Top Delivery and Cloud Rendering:


  • Cloud DVR allows service providers to offer DVR functions from the cloud rather than having these functions in the traditional Set Top Boxes in the homes. This solution offers tremendous cost savings and capability to extend this technology to services such as “Storage Vault” in the cloud.
  • Cloud Transcoding for 3-Screens allows service providers to deliver content across TV, PC or mobile in various formats. Carriers can create content services that allow the user to watch live or on-demand content across any of the screens of his/her choice from the cloud, without having to invest in building multiple different silos of infrastructure and software across broadband, IPTV/Cable services and mobile foot-prints.
  • Over the Top content delivery is changing the way content is being consumed and delivered to consumers. We are all familiar with getting content from sites such as YouTube, NetFlix, Google TV, etc. These are all delivering a compelling experience over unmanaged networks.
  • Cloud Rendering is a cloud compute solution for media companies that are producing animated movies and want huge compute farms at their liberty to be able to render animation sequences. Today producers have to build IT before they can create the movie. The Cloud Rendering solution lets media companies focus on their core to build and create animated content and leave the compute platform to be utilized on a pay-per-use basis to fulfill rendering needs.

How about you? Do you think making the move to cloud will help you deliver the content your customers want, when and where they want it?


To learn more about HP Cloud Solutions for Media, check out the viewpoint paper I mentioned earlier. Or  see what customers, analysts and experts are saying about HP’s Cloud Services for Media, plus watch the cool video on how HP's media cloud solutions are helping CME customers like DreamWorks Animation. And stay tuned to this blog for future posts on cloud computing and communications, media & entertainment.




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