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Application Transformation Roundup (Week of May 27, 2011)

Texting to keep a cattle roundup on trackDid you miss some of our Application Transformation conversations this week? Here's a roundup including discussions on:


  • Choosing an applications outsourcing provider
  • The applications Big Picture
  • Results from an IT Applications & Services survey
  • Aspects of IT modernization

Can the cloud help your business be more resilient?

disaster tolerant.jpg

Today, more than ever, businesses need to be resilient, and they need to be able to recover from a potential disaster quickly and cost-effectively.  I recently spoke with George Ferguson, Product Marketing Manager, Security, Compliance & Continuity Services, about the importance of the cloud to business continuity.  He will be speaking about this topic at HP Discover, in a session entitled “Using cloud for cost-effective disaster recovery and business resiliency” (session 4255).

Moving Media & Entertainment to the Cloud

More and more consumers want a rich media experience that is tailored to their needs and wants. That’s where the promise of cloud computing comes into play. Thanks to Vinay Saxena, a distinguished technologist in HP Enterprise Services, I was able to get answers to a couple of questions about why and how media companies should make the move to cloud.

Great Minds Think Alike When Choosing an Applications Outsourcing Provider

By Ashish Chitkara, HP Best Shore Practice Principal - Transition Management


1QQKCAL8259ECA5TUU92CAW0I3XYCA7LPX7FCAO3V7VECAXA9BQACAU51Z8PCAKYSKWQCAPEMBY2CAE1P3RNCA4LG7ZBCAWD4P67CAKBZKWKCA600WTMCAKH06O9CA9GDMJKCA37LX1WCAHHKGJ1CA36AFX0.jpgA top-ranked outsourcing adviser, Alsbridge, recently published a report that outlines 6 key questions CIO’s should ask before they sign on the dotted line with their chosen outsourcing provider. Interestingly enough, these questions are well-aligned with the Transition Management practices that HP subscribes to as well

Discover Applications Modernization, Enterprise Cloud Services, and More at the HP DISCOVER ZONE

HP Discover Zone Industries and Services.jpgThere is much more for you to see and do at HP DISCOVER in Las Vegas than keynotes, 28 unique HP Enterprise Services sessions, hands-on labs, and star studded entertainment featuring comedians Dana Carvey and Jake Johannsen, and a private concert by rock legend Paul McCartney. During this historic five day event, HP is featuring the DISCOVER ZONE, an exciting snapshot of everything happening in the world of enterprise IT. The DISCOVER ZONE will be the true heartbeat of HP DISCOVER, the center of the conference where people, technology, and ideas converge, bringing the Instant-On Enterprise message to life. Featuring five distinct HP Pavilions, the DISCOVER ZONE gives you the opportunity to compare products and solutions, talk with the subject matter experts, and be the first in the world to see today's most important enterprise IT innovations, including emerging service areas, such as security, applications modernization, and enterprise cloud services.

Take a look at the Applications “Big Picture”

By John Bennett, Applications Services Marketing

It’s great that, when considering Applications Transformation, you look at all your applications. But to really be transformative, you have to look at more than that.

Surprising and not so surprising results from an IT Applications & Services Survey

By Ram Ponnapalli,Principal Consultant, Business and Technology Consulting

HP recently sponsored an IT applications and services survey with the help of Dimensional Research. The objective was to gain a better understanding of the applications market with a focus on the state of the applications portfolios. The outcome shows both ‘surprising’ and ‘not-so-surprising’ results. This is the first of three blog posts.

Application Transformation Roundup (Week of May 20, 2011)

Texting to keep a cattle roundup on trackDid you miss some of our Application Transformation conversations this week? Here's a roundup including discussions on:



  • HP Discover session - De-Mystifying IT Transformation
  • A one-team approach for apps outsourcing transition
  • Clearing out the clutter in your apps portfolio
  • Thoughts on application evaluation

Does your company have a PC Backup solution in place?

backup-restore.jpgDo you remember the Melissa virus, which infected many desktops about 10 years ago?  I unfortunately was a victim of this virus and I lived to tell the tale.

HP DISCOVER Breakout Session—De-mystifying IT Transformation

4242_Infrastructure_Transformation.jpgIf your organization recognizes the need for IT transformation to reduce overall IT cost and maximize ROI on IT investments, but often struggle with how to do so, you should attend HP DISCOVER

Session ID #4242: De-mystifying IT Transformation—achieving IT optimization through transformation.


  • Date: Wednesday, June 08
  • Time: 9:30am

Presented by Shawna Rudd, HP Product Marketing Manager of Data Center Modernization Services, with support from a panel of seasoned Infrastructure Transformation consultants, you will learn the essentials for IT Transformation success.


Recently I caught up with Shawna to ask a few questions regarding her HP DISCOVER 2011, Las Vegas Breakout Session.

4 flaws that disrupt innovation

Tom.jpgBy Tom Bonola, HP Fellow & Chief Technologist for Platform Infrastructure Technology Industry-Standard Servers & Software 


Bureaucratic red tape is a sticky issue for many large enterprises balancing innovation with corporate governance. Great ideas can get mired down with processes and approvals, creating a true innovator’s dilemma.

No One-team Approach Can Kill Your Applications Outsourcing Transition

By Ashish Chitkara, HP Best Shore Practice Principal - Transition Management


GJ9CCA1HU80FCA2R9RHZCAXS67YNCAU2LJ47CA3C27T8CA133PERCA9A6G41CAHIM5YECAUKZABCCAXSV8SDCAT6TBSQCAQM9K6ACA51AFJXCAO6RWZQCA1ZAX7YCA7WVJGPCAH7VLMGCAP9232YCA8MM6L3.jpgDid you know that the #1 reason why Transitions fail is the absence of a joint, one-team approach? With that in mind, let’s look at a few best practices that result in great teamwork between client and provider, and a successful transition.

HP DISCOVER 2011 – Free ExpertOne Certification Testing

Corporate Ladder.jpgBy now you are likely aware of HP DISCOVER 2011. You know it’s the largest HP event in history. That it takes place on June 06 – 10 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. It’s the place you will discover the HP strategies and technologies that will shape the next decade of IT, particularly the Instant-On Enterprise, HP’s unique vision for innovation and effectiveness in industry and government. That there are 28 unique HP Enterprise Services sessions, more than you could possibly attend in just five days. And, not to forget, a private performance by Paul McCartney.


But did you know that the HP ExpertONE program is hosting an onsite certification testing center with more than 140 “HPO” exams being offered? And, as a registered attendee of HP DISCOVER Las Vegas you are eligible to take up to five (5) proctored HP certification exams free of charge? This offer is worth up to $875.00, and is a great way for you to get extra value from attending the conference that everyone will soon be talking about. Free HP DISCOVER, Las Vegas certification exams will be offered on a wide range of topics, including:


  • HP0-D07:  Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions
  • HP0-S27:  Implementing HP BladeSystem Solutions
  • HP0-S28:  Integrating and Managing HP BladeSystem Solutions in the Enterprise
  • HP0-J40:  Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions
  • HP0-P20:  HP-UX 11i v3 System Administration
  • HP0-S25:  Implementing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers


About the Onsite Testing Center

Certification testing will be offered each day of the conference, Monday, June 6 thru Friday, June 10, during the hours listed below. Please note that you may only take an individual test once during the conference, and that space is limited and is assigned on a first come, first served basis.


View a list of the HP Certification Exams (PDF) that will be available on site. This list shows the exams; the certification(s) each exam supports; and the training course(s) that will help you prepare for a specific exam. Training is not required but recommended before you take an exam.


Testing Center Hours


  • Monday: 8am to 5pm
  • Tuesday: 8am to 5pm
  • Wednesday: 8amto 8pm
  • Thursday: 8am to 5pm
  • Friday: 8am to 11:00am

If you are interested in becoming certified by HP ExpertOne, or would like to add additional HP certification to your existing portfolio, HP is making it not only convenient, but also cost-effective for you to do your certification testing while attending HP DISCOVER by offering you free certification testing delivered by Prometric.


For more information on the free HP Certification Testing offered at HP DISCOVER Las Vegas, including what to bring before you arrive, how to prepare, and a list of the more than 140 exams being offered, [SELECT HERE].


More Reasons to Attend

Convince your management with 10 good reasons why you should attend HP DISCOVER 2011 (PDF).


For more information on HP DISCOVER 2011 conference, or to register to attend this event, visit the HP DISCOVER 2011 Website.





DISCOVER Cloud Computing in Las Vegas

From June 6-10, 2011, Hewlett-Packard will be hosting HP Discover 2011 – a conference and exhibition in Las Vegas with a special musical performance by Sir Paul McCartney.  But you can also use this as an opportunity to learn about the cloud!

HP Discover 2011 – Building Modern Business Applications with Agile Development

HP Discover 2011 – June 6 - 10 Las Vegas 


The power of people, technology and ideas delivering enterprise agility through applications.

Application Transformation Roundup (Week of May 13, 2011)

Application Transformation Roundup.pngDid you miss some of our Application Transformation conversations this week? Here's a roundup including discussions on:


  • Tips for new CIOs
  • The makings for an effective apps outsourcing leader
  • Application Transformation sessions at HP Discover 2011
  • Navigating through apps transformation
  • No longer your Dad's IT transformation

Are you starting a new role as CIO? Carpe Diem!

By John Bennett, Applications Services Marketing

The average tenure of a CIO is approaching 4 years, down from about 4 1/2 a couple of years ago. So, what can you, as a new CIO, do to be an exception to the norm?

Three reasons you need mobile workers

image-es-workplace-360-chap_tcm245-871540.jpgI read this article Three Reasons Why you Need Mobile Workers with special interest because I am a mobile worker.  I think Dan does a great job of summarizing the major benefits to both workers and companies in his article, but I thought I’d add my personal experience on each of the three benefits he points out.

What Makes an Effective Applications Outsourcing Transition Leader





By Ashish Chitkara, HP Best Shore Practice Principal - Transition Management


Are you an effective transition leader? You tell me. In this article I present some key experiences and skills that I feel are absolutely required to make a high quality leader.

SAPPHIRENOW Session: Enabling Cloud Solutions for SAP: The Hybrid Delivery strategy for SAP

The world is instant - your enterprise must be too - everything & everyone's connected! How can this session at SAP Hybrid 2.jpgSAPPHIRENOW help you transform your SAP Environment to a Hybrid Delivery Model & how much money will it save you?

Labels: SAP


HPES SESSIONSThe other day I was with a group of friends at a pizzeria in Palo Alto, CA when one of them asked me what HP DISCOVER 2011 was about?


I went on to explain to them that HP combined its annual HP Software Universe, HP Technology Forum and HP Technology@Work into a single event—HP DISCOVER, and that the event will take place on June 6-10 in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort. And, that Paul McCartney would be performing a private concert. “Very cool,” they mumbled with mouths half-full of pizza.


Later it occurred to me that there was so much more to HP DISCOVER that I could have, and should have shared with them. Yes, Vegas is a “very cool” town with lots to see and do. Yes, the Venetian is a beautiful resort to host a conference. And yes, Paul McCartney does put on a great show—I saw him over the summer when he played at the ballpark in San Francisco. But HP Discover 2011 is so much more.


It’s the place to discover the HP strategies and technologies that will shape the next decade of IT, particularly the Instant-On Enterprise, HP's unique vision for innovation and effectiveness in industry and government. It’s the place to network with 1000s of your fellow peers, gain experience with hands-on demonstrations, as well as participate in technical training, education and free certification courses across HP’s products, solutions and services. Moreover, HP DISCOVER 2011 offers you 28 unique HP Enterprise Services sessions on the topics and solutions you care about the most, including:


Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing


  • Session ID #4242 – De-mystifying IT Transformation: achieving IT optimization through transformation
  • Session ID #3725 - What Makes it Tick? An Inside Look at Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Session ID #4245 - User Profiling: The Gateway to an Innovative Workplace
  • Session ID #4246 - Enterprise Service Management as a Service
  • Session ID #4252 - Mainframe: anchor or opportunity?
  • Session ID #4255 - Using the cloud for cost-effective disaster recovery and business resiliency
  • Session ID #4240 - Consuming Cloud Computing for Enterprises
  • Session ID #4536 – Do You Want Instant Peace of Mind? How IT Outsourcing Changes the Game of IT
  • Session ID #4694 - Getting Security Services from the Cloud
  • Session ID #4696 - Catch – 22: Identity & Access Management
  • Session ID #4774 - Virtualization Management – The Key to Harnessing the Power of the Converged  Infrastructure
  • Session ID #4480 - Mobility Today and the Future: Connecting Employees Anytime, Anywhere
  • Session ID #4861 - Do You Know Where Your Mobile Data Is? Mobile Device Management Is the Answer


Application Services


  • Session ID #5260 - Building Modern Business Applications with Agile Development
  • Session ID #5261 - Flexible Testing Services with HP Testing-as-a-Service
  • Session ID #5200 - Applications Modernization: Large-Scale Successful Transformation – Customer Success Story
  • Session ID #5201 - Application Modernization: Computing the TCO of an Application Portfolio
  • Session ID #3277 - Assess: Understanding Your Applications Portfolio and How Important it is To Your Business
  • Session ID #3278 - Modernize: Executing Your Roadmap for Application Transformation
  • Session ID #3280 - Manage: Proven Techniques for Managing Your New Transformed Applications


Business Process Outsourcing



Industry Solutions



As you can see, there is much more to HP DISCOVER 2011 than "Fabulous Las Vegas," a luxury resort, and a private concert with a rock legend. There are keynotes, technology education, free HP certification testing, a Discover Zone, and 28 unique HP Enterprise Services sessions--More than you could possibly attend.


To view the entire HP DISCOVER 2011 Session Catalog, select here. To help you make the case to your organization for attending HP DISCOVER, available are two Justification Letters: 



For more information on HP DISCOVER 2011 conference, or to register to attend this event, visit the HP DISCOVER 2011 Website.




HP Enterprise Services Helps Make ‘Cents’ of IRS IT systems

What are the challenges of the Instant-On Government? For the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Instant-On means modernizing its IT tax systems. How is HP helping increase agility and improve operational efficiency for the IRS and U.S. Department of the Treasury?

Navigating your way through applications transformation.

By John Bennett, Applications Services Product Marketing

6850577-old-brass-compass-lying-on-a-very-old-map.jpgApplications transformation can be a fun topic … the analogies and metaphors that come to mind with a journey like this are limited only by our imaginations.


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