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BYOD? It’s all about the data!

iStock_working_tabletXSmall.jpgBy Marleen Devondel, HP ES ITO Marketing


The workplace has been invaded by millions of tablets and smartphones and millions of employees around the world are using personal devices of their choice also for work. This gives them the freedom to work from anywhere and use any appropriate device and any service in order to achieve a work related task or outcome.   

Mobility, CRM, Cloud Computing – Around Enterprise Services, Aug 31

By Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services Global Marketing


HPES Summary.jpgHere is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate labor Day in Today’s BYOD World
  • New enhanced capabilities for Enterprise NAS services
  • Business goals and culture are key drivers for big data architectural decisions
  • HP Expands Presence in El Paso, Texas with New Applications Delivery Center
  • GS1 reduces time to recall contaminated food with cloud computing
  • Cloud automation and improvisation
  • Mobility will Define your Brand
  • Healthy hospitals need a healthy cloud and robust mobility
  • Mobile Cloud – more than just a bump in the road.
  • Introducing the 2nd Edition of BPO Edge - the CRM Edition
  • Does the industry view of Big Data need to be a bit more bold?
  • The Converged Desktop Utilizing Cloud
  • Being effective at Agile Development - Nadhan's Top 5 steps
  • History must not repeat itself when integrating to Cloud Computing
  • Mobilize the dots to realize the Big Picture in Healthcare
  • Reduce contact center operating costs 

5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day in Today’s BYOD World

HP Blogger Nancy Lichtle commented on a recent post of mine about Bringing your own device (BYOD) to configure your own ecosystem. In this post, I highlight the fact that BYOD as a concept has existed over the years in the form of PYOD, UYOE, SYOW, EYOH. Lichtle, in her comment, adds a new acronym to this list -- POYD -- Power Off Your Device. She calls out the need to recharge our personal batteries when we are on vacation. Lichtle’s observation brings it home for me as Labor Day approaches in some parts of the world.

Enterprise mobility platform addresses market-shifting IT challenges

You need an enterprise mobility platform to address key market-shifting challenges faced by Enterprise IT today, says, Yugan Sikri, WW Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility Platform, HP in this video from HP Discover 2012 conference. A platform that connects to the backend information sources; provisions the right set of tools and services to build mobile applications; and houses an app store. Sikri starts by detailing the challenges faced by Enterprise IT today and then walks through the salient components of the Enterprise Mobility Platform.

Big Data, Applications, BYOD – Around Enterprise Services, Jul 20

Unified CommunicationsBy Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services WW Marketing


Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:

  • Innovations from HP Labs improve patient care -- one day at a time
  • Big data and automation
  • Big Data Technologies #HPESChat Recap
  • Extending applications personalities to cloud computing service providers
  • What to do about BYOD?
  • Unified Communications Tools can improve workforce productivity
  • A utility services could be your best option
  • Value your applications to balance your portfolio
  • A Digital Government by design: Make it matter – Part 2 
  • Is your business prepared for an unexpected disaster?
  • Exploring Big Data Technologies
  • Ring Fencing to trigger growth of Cloud Computing in the Financial Industry
  • Financial Institution Shareholders steer IT Conversation towards Cloud Computing
  • Lessons from the 10 largest health data breaches of 2012
  • The rise of Outsourcing-as-a-Service
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