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The CIO and the New Style of IT

ecopod.pngBy René Aerdts, Chief Technologist, Cloud Enablement,

     HP Enterprise Services and HP Fellow


The traditional role of Chief Information Officer is under siege. What do CIOs need to do to remain relevant in the New Style of IT? IDG Communications Worldwide CEO Michael Friedenberg shares some results from CIO magazine’s 2014 State of the CIO Survey, and Chief Technologist and HP Fellow René Aerdts breaks down how to balance tactical vs strategic and other conflicting expectations in this article. 

Are new management strategies the ticket for securing mobile devices?

Security.jpgBy Ed Reynolds, HP Fellow, and Neil Passingham, Innovations Lead, HP Enterprise Security Services


Creating a successful data-device-application strategy depends upon each corporation’s ability to set the right priorities for what their enterprise needs, and then build in security features accordingly.


Kleptography: The dark side of cryptography

Email-2-642x301.jpgBy Ed Reynolds, HP Fellow, HP Enterprise Security Services


As more data moves to the cloud requiring encryption, cyber spies and thieves may well move with it—trying out new schemes to break into “secure” systems. With the consequences of a kleptography breach so high, IT executives should have the concept on their radar screens.

New business environment calls for a New Style of IT

teaserInnovationInsight.jpgThe promise of today’s IT environment demands a new style of IT—one that drives the future of the organization and solves its challenges. “Organizations that don’t start using the newer tools to improve the user experience and provide new and better ways for stakeholders to interact with them now may not be able to catch up later,” warns Steve McNicholas, chief technologist, EMEA Applications and Business Services, HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow.


Watch this webcast and hear what else Steve and other HP Fellows have to say.




Is the CIO facing extinction?

teaserInnovationInsight.jpgBy René Aerdts, Chief Technologist-Cloud Enablement, HP Enterprise Services, and HP Fellow


The traditional role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is under siege. In this environment of accelerating, disruptive change, CIOs are fast becoming an endangered species. What do CIOs need to do to remain relevant?  


In the past, the CIO was responsible for integrating data and technology in a quest for information solutions. But the consolidation and commoditization of hardware, applications, and connectivity has dramatically changed all of that. These elements are being outsourced. As generic IT gradually loses its organizational value, the CIO of the future must be a driver of strategic value.


And the future is now. The CIO who doesn’t adapt will be extinct. It’s that simple.


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