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The Many Languages of HP Enterprise Services

global delivery.JPGConversations around globalization picked up in the late 90s and early 2000s as technology spread, communication increased, and barriers melted away. Let’s take a look at where we are at today. Multinational companies can work all the more seamlessly when embracing trends of the New Style of IT.


Take a look at what HP Enterprise Services is doing on a global scale, and how we are working to deliver thought-provoking content and insights in more languages.

The Digital Transformation: essential steps and considerations

20130201_FABRICATION_PLANT_TALKING-1163-3.jpgThe transformation journey to the New Style of IT can be daunting. Whether you’re ahead of the curve, or still stuck in the age of DSL and desktops, there’s always room for improvement.  Read on for areas that should be addressed NOW, what other companies are doing and what you should keep in mind for the future.

All Clouds Are Not Created Equal

Trends_small.jpgBy Mateen Greenway, Fellow, CT UK & IPS


Cloud is a much abused word these days and it is vitally important to understand that because, in terms of service levels and security, “all clouds are not created equal.” Given that there are also more cloud services available than you could shake a stick at, it becomes hard to know which are right for you.  

Simplify your transformation journey to the Cloud

discover13_banner_300x250.pngNew technologies are making the Cloud more secure, flexible, and cost effective. However, no two enterprises have an identical journey to the cloud. And it is a journey. At HP Discover 2013, we’ll guide you on the business, technical and financial journey to the cloud.


Most enterprise applications are not Cloud Ready.  During our Cloud breakout sessions, we will provide insight and guidance on planning the journey and speeding the movement of key applications to new Infrastructure as a Service delivery models.  We will discuss the challenges of integrating cloud into existing IT environments and identify solutions that address security, accessibility, cost and performance concerns. 

HP Expands Presence in El Paso, Texas with New Applications Delivery Center

RibbonCutting.JPGHP Enterprise Services expanded its presence in El Paso, Texas with the opening of its new HP Applications Delivery Center.  To celebrate the new center, HP and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce hosted an inauguration ceremony on Monday with state, county and city officials as well as HP executives.

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