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Extending applications personalities to cloud computing service providers

Not too long ago, I introduced the concept of personalities being associated with applications. The underlying purpose was to profile them so that we can determine the strategic and tactical steps we can take to manage their complex environment. However, as we architect the enterprise to transform to the cloud across the right mix of cloud environments, some of these applications are likely to be replaced by service providers who need to be managed as well. This raises the question in my mind as to whether the concept of application personalities could be extended to service providers. I wonder.

Celebrating the independence of blogging on the Fourth of July

My blogging career started a year ago on July 6, 2011 when HP Blogger Michele Degani asked me if I would be interested in publishing a blog post on the topic of Applications Transformation being a journey or destination. It was exhilarating to see how quickly I could share my thoughts with the rest of the world in contrast to the time it had taken me in the past to write and publish my formal publications. I experienced a glorious feeling of independence, which seems appropriate as the United States celebrates the Fourth of July this week. This feeling of “blogger” independence allows me to express my thoughts and engage in lively discussions just like I would in any social setting. I was hooked, and I am thoroughly enjoying blogging. So during this moment of celebration, I want to share my experiences as an HP blogger, navigating through my posts and highlighting their nuances as I sit back, relax and study their gradual evolution over the past year.

Does your House of IT need an Extreme Makeover?

In my third interview on sdrnews.com, Andy McCaskey builds upon the profiling of applications that we discussed in the first interview to consider various options for housing the applications on the right infrastructure. After an initial discussion about the significance of having the right infrastructure for the right application, the interview gets into the different types of personalities like the Big Kahuna, Problem Child, Lone Star, Crowd Pleaser and the Generalist.

Profiling Applications for Enterprise Transformation

In addition to my blog posts and twitter chats at the HP Discover 2012 conference, I was also interviewed multiple times by Andy McCaskey from SDRNews.com. This was my first time being interviewed by Andy, and  he has this uncanny ability to encourage the interviewee to expand his/her thoughts on the topic being discussed – it was like I was blogging verbally.

A truly optimal operating model? Seriously?

By: Rajesh Dontula, Consultant, HP Applications Services




Yes, I am serious. There is such a thing as a truly optimal operating model.  In my follow-up blog post I've listed a few key things to think about when reviewing a service provider’s standard operating model. 

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