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Why Application Security should be architected, designed and built in from the start

CATA.jpg recently talked about cyber security with John Diamant, HP Secure Product Development Strategist and Distinguished Technologist. I learned two very important things:


  1.  Applications security is becoming increasingly important in the overall cyber security landscape and is a growing area of vulnerability.
  2. Security has been traditionally treated as something you can “test for” after the fact, but needs to be treated like quality, which is architected, designed and built right into the IT solution.


We also discussed 4 main types of risk and cost associated with application vulnerabilities. Read the full interview. 

What’s IT security’s weakest link? You might be surprised at the answer

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By John Diamant, Distinguished Technologist, HP Enterprise Services


Has the IT security industry failed to learn the critical lesson of quality assurance history? Innovation INSIGHT contributor and HP Enterprise Services Distinguished Technologist John Diamant says the answer is a resounding yes. He explains why applications are compromising enterprise security.

Innovation INSIGHT - Securing Your Applications: How to Avoid Building Enterprise Security on a House of Cards

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This month’s Innovation INSIGHT webcast focuses on a topic that should be at the forefront of every company’s mind - the applications side of enterprise security. Here are the details…


When:  Thursday, October 20th, 11:30am – 12:30pm CT (on-demand replays available starting October 24th)


What:  Securing Your Applications: How to Avoid Building Enterprise Security on a House of Cards, presented John Diamant, Distinguished Technologist, HP Enterprise Services


Register here


Just when you thought your enterprise was safe, did you consider your applications? If not, you’re in good company. While industry quality standards have improved over the years, IT has failed to apply the same best practices to applications security quality. The result is widespread vulnerabilities that – left unresolved – can undermine your enterprise. It’s a problem that’s only getting worse as the threat environment continues to grow and applications security fails to keep up. In this Innovation INSIGHT session, John Diamant will examine the threats and disconnects, as well as practical ROI, risk-driven approaches to moving applications security from weak link to firm foundation for your enterprise.


For more details, contact the Innovation INSIGHT team.

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