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The Innovation Agenda: Mapping the New Business Frontier – Part 2

Innovation Agenda Innovation Quote.PNGDo your customers demand better services at lower prices year over year? Is new regulation forcing your organization to take on new obligations and liabilities? Are you worried about nimble start-ups entering your markets with breakthrough technologies, and threatening your share of the market?


At first glance, these may seem like disparate business challenges. But they’re linked by a common thread. Take a look at how innovation not only can fit into your competitive and business strategies, but how you can map and track it. Improving on challenges, incremental process improvement or continuing excellence becomes that much more attainable.

The Innovation Agenda: Mapping the New Business Frontier – Part 1

HP  Aecus - The innovation agenda.jpgBy its very definition, “innovation” can be as simple as a new product, method, idea, etc. However, given the competitive nature of markets, ‘innovation,’ or any sort of edge to get ahead is a constant need.


Innovation can mean different things to different industries and companies within those industries. HP, with the help of AECUS Consulting, conducted an online survey of decision makers from around the globe on their views regarding innovation. The survey received over 80 responses from more than 25 countries with respondents coming from both mid-sized and large companies and across all industry sectors. You may be surprised to see what we found.

Get the BPS Robotics Makeover at HP Discover

HP20140217394.jpgDriverless cars, delivery drones and robotic rice planters – the absorption of robotics into our everyday lives is on the rise. For better or for worse, the debate of man vs. machine shall continue. In the meanwhile, the world of large enterprises, still with many tedious manual processes, welcomes the machines, the automation and the ease.


At HP Discover in Barcelona, we discuss the latest process automation technologies as part of our Business Process Services.

How ‘digital’ is your business model?

HP20140315605.jpgThe influx and transformational potential of digital technology has driven enterprises to re-think their business strategy. The prevalence of new digital technologies has created an interconnected world, transforming the way we do business at so many levels. However, the end goals remain the same – a stellar customer experience, competitive products and sustainable profitable growth.


To achieve these goals, large enterprises have to create a ‘digital’ business model.

What’s your Innovation Inspiration?

evolution of lightbulbs.jpgObservation inspires thought, and well-developed thought leads to discovery – which is nothing but innovation. Newton’s proverbial apple inspired innovation centuries ago. Although in 2014, innovation within your enterprise means something very different, it could still start with just an apple.


Find out how by joining the ‘innovation’ discussion through the HP Innovation Survey.

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