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Health IT, Big Data, Cloud – Around Enterprise Services, Aug 24

Unified CommunicationsBy Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services Global Marketing


Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:

  • Enabling patient-centric healthcare with digital hospital
  • Rethinking Card & Payments Processing
  • HP Healthcare and Life Sciences e-zine
  • What are the business and IT drivers for big data architectural decisions? COST is a factor
  • 3 Critical Technologies for Healthcare: Cloud Computing, Analytics and Mobility
  • Energy Company Improved Collaboration with Best-in-Class Converged Network Solution
  • 3 compelling business reasons for harnessing and mastering big data
  • Is Bring Your Own Service the Future?
  • HP cloud management tools for a hybrid environment
  • It’s time to stretch our mind at the Technology Symposium in London. 
  • Innovate the hospital with IT to energize Healthcare
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