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[VIDEO] At HP Protect, take the Security Challenge and beat the cyber-criminals at their own game

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Your adversaries never rest. They focus on their mission 100% of the time, and only need to be right once. Your enterprise security teams have multiple competing priorities. How can they prepare for a data breach while at the same time staying one step ahead of the cyber-criminals?


At HP, we have created the “Security Challenge” to help you defend your enterprise. At HP Protect, you can take the challenge to gain the knowledge you need to thwart the next attack.

Get out of the water! Spielberg understands the CISO

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Recently in the secret CTO headquarters, the chief technologists were discussing how it feels to be in the shoes of a chief information security office (CISO) when the call comes in about a major data breach. How does it feel to be the leader at that moment?


This made me think about the iconic 1975 movie, Jaws, especially the beach scene when Chief Brody, played by Roy Scheider, is sitting looking at a seemingly peaceful and typical seaside afternoon. As Spielberg toys with our expectations, there are a couple of frightening false alarms, and then the inevitable occurs.

5-Minute Strategy: Advancing the Battle Against Cyber Threats

Art Wong interview Katie linendoll discover compressed.jpgKnow it or not, all enterprises are affected, and generally outmanned, by the billion-dollar cyber crime ecosystem. On average, it takes 205 days for an enterprise to identify a security breach. Even worse, adversaries can infiltrate an organization for years without being detected.


HP Enterprise Security Services leader Art Wong explains how the enterprise should fight hackers and cyber criminals, and why the effort is an ongoing process. Watch now.

Are you up for the Security Challenge?

Secuirty Challenge Wall smaller2.pngYour company’s security comes down to three big issues: sophisticated threats, complex regulations, and the evolving needs of IT. Do you have the proper strategies, mind-set and tactics to fight oncoming hack attempts and cyber-attacks?


The Security Challenge awaiting you at HP Discover is a don’t-miss experience. Sure, you’re usually aware of your surroundings—any threats lurking out there—but once you enter the Security world at Discover, you’ll emerge with a completely different outlook. Are you ready for the Challenge?

Why Application Security should be architected, designed and built in from the start

CATA.jpg recently talked about cyber security with John Diamant, HP Secure Product Development Strategist and Distinguished Technologist. I learned two very important things:


  1.  Applications security is becoming increasingly important in the overall cyber security landscape and is a growing area of vulnerability.
  2. Security has been traditionally treated as something you can “test for” after the fact, but needs to be treated like quality, which is architected, designed and built right into the IT solution.


We also discussed 4 main types of risk and cost associated with application vulnerabilities. Read the full interview. 

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