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Cybersecurity, Contact Center, Big Data, Healthcare – Around Enterprise Services, Aug 17

By Judi Cardinal, Enterprise Services WW Marketing


Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:HPES Summary.jpg

  • How much confidence do you have in your data protection strategy?
  • Applications that don’t make sense in the Cloud
  • Do you know how “exploration” is helping CIO’s understand Cloud Computing?
  • Cybersecurity “Progress & Best Practices”
  • Is the title software engineer used too freely?
  • Does a cloud computing strategy need a spare tire?
  • Good Vibrations?
  • Answers to your Contact Center Implementation Questions
  • Webinar – Managing Human Information in a Big Data World
  • What is your Future?
  • Are Remanufactured Printer Supplies Really a bargain?
  • A Positive View of how the Droids are Taking Our Jobs
  • Enlightened view of IT
  • New tools to harvest value from computing abundance
  • How HP Digital Hospital helps "patient-centric healthcare' become than just a term
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