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A Cloud Transformation Could Give Santa Claus Plenty of Reasons to Put HP on the Nice List


HP Enterprise Services' cloud elves went to the North Pole to analyze the IT environment of Santa's Workshop. Their mission was to determine how a cloud transformation could benefit even an enterprise run by a man who will only wear suits made of red velvet and fur trim. Find out what our elves uncovered.

Cloudy IT Forecast at HP Discover Brings Good Things to Enterprises

Nefkens Discover.jpgAt HP Discover Barcelona, HP unveiled a lot of updates to its robust Converged Cloud portfolio, including four new offerings for enterprise clients.

Focusing cloud on the client

By Scott Gaydos

Chief Technologist

HP Enterprise Services, U.S. Public Sector, Federal Healthcare


drapp.jpgOffering “generic” cloud services is not enough in a world where client needs are diverse. Take healthcare for example: specific regulations such as HIPAA exist to help secure data, such as an individual patient’s protected health information from unauthorized disclosure. What does that mean for anyone who offers “cloud services” to a healthcare entity concerned (and legally bound) to regulations such as HIPAA?

Evolving Business Models Require a New Style of IT


By Dan Gilbert, HP Strategist


For years we have heard about the tremendous advantages of technological developments. Right now, a New Style of IT is emerging based on the combination of Cloud, Mobility, Social Interaction and Big Data. However, organizations rarely succeed or fail on the basis of technological innovation. Innovation must be supported by an adaptive business model — or an operating model in the case of public sector — that clearly illustrates its value. Value must be supported by the efficient creation of the product or service, the alignment of that product or service with clear consumer segments and demand criteria, a clear channel approach, and a means of recognizing and managing income and costs.

Cloud Computing Is Transforming Enterprise IT Roles And Responsibilities

By Michael Donovan, HP Distinguished Technologist


USPS_banner_small_ManagingTransition2.jpgI’m often asked why cloud computing is seen as transformational. We readily acknowledge that the move from mainframe to client/server, the proliferation of personal computing, and the explosive growth of the Internet have fundamentally changed the way we interact with IT.  In my opinion, the cloud has already affected a change of this magnitude, but many private and public sector organizations have been slow to understand its impact on their enterprise.


Data, services, and applications now are widely available on demand, anywhere, from any device, at little or no cost, and to any user. Users also have nearly universal access to high-speed network connectivity, effectively freeing them from reliance on the enterprise network and its controls. This new found freedom means that users may completely by-pass the traditional controls over purchasing set by the CFO, CIO, and IT department.  

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