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Enterprise mobility platform addresses market-shifting IT challenges

You need an enterprise mobility platform to address key market-shifting challenges faced by Enterprise IT today, says, Yugan Sikri, WW Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility Platform, HP in this video from HP Discover 2012 conference. A platform that connects to the backend information sources; provisions the right set of tools and services to build mobile applications; and houses an app store. Sikri starts by detailing the challenges faced by Enterprise IT today and then walks through the salient components of the Enterprise Mobility Platform.

A 3-step approach to a mobile-enabled enterprise

mobility.jpgConsumerizaton of IT, BYOD (bring your own device) and mobility have been big topics at this year’s HP Discover conference. Today I talked with HP’s Darren McGrath about mobility in the enterprise, the key associated challenges, and HP’s approach to mobility. Read more about a 3-step approach to a mobile-enabled enterprise.

Enterprise mobility - survival may depend on you

C-L4CH5B66 Man checking mobile at soccer game.jpgThe survival of your company may be in your hands.  With the explosive growth of mobile web adoption, your organization’s use of mobility to an advantage may spell survival or failure. If you are involved in the design of your enterprise’s use of mobile technologies, of revamping and re-gearing the infrastructure and organization to optimize for mobility, you want to get it right. You want to capitalize on the consumerization of IT. You want to be built for the future.  What better way to get key insights and move forward than to attend HP Discover 2012 and participate in the many forward-looking mobility sessions -- including one specifically designed to help you innovate for the future.

Mobility madness… Ready to (re)gain control? Check out HP Discover

Woman-mobile-devices-iStock_000019644163XSmall.jpgAre you battling mobility madness? Are you ready to gain (or is it regain) control? For your enterprise?  How can you reduce the heartache and havoc from the proliferation of tablets, smartphones and all manner of mobile devices in your enterprise? 

There’s a lot of attention to mobility, BYOD and Consumerization of IT at HP Discover as organizations want to hear how they can reduce cost, drive revenue, and improve productivity. Join us in session BB3022 “Developing a mobile enterprise strategy” to get started – and check out the many mobility sessions in Las Vegas.

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