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Healthy hospitals need a healthy cloud and robust mobility

Hospitals exist to take care of our health. Medical personnel use various devices to periodically monitor our key vital signs and in some cases recommend continuous monitoring processes to ensure our sustained wellbeing. A hospital can efficiently service its customers if it has a healthy IT infrastructure -- including its cloud computing-based solutions, as well as the connectivity provided by its mobile solutions. Just like we monitor our vital signs at predetermined intervals, hospitals must also ensure that the enabling IT infrastructure is continuously enabled and effective to deliver on the service level expectations of its customers. Therefore, a hospital must do a "health check" by monitoring the vital signs of its cloud computing and mobility solutions.

Mobilize the dots to realize the Big Picture in Healthcare

Remember those pictures in comic books where you would have a collection of dots with numbers and you would connect the right dots in sequence -- and lo and behold, there was a picture of your favorite movie or cartoon character. This is what I am reminded of when I read the article Mobility and its ecosystem, the keys to delivering personalized healthcare in the HP Industry Edge, Health & Life Sciences edition. This article details how various technologies and paradigms complement and augment mobility to lead us into the world of an improved end-to-end patient experience.

Innovate the hospital with IT to energize Healthcare

Healthcare always gets a lot of attention since it has a direct impact on our personal life style and wellbeing. Present times are no different. However, much of the discussion is usually about the availability of healthcare to various demographic slices of the community and its associated funding model over time. You don't hear much about the need to improve the overall patient experience across the service provider eco-system, which includes the physician’s office, offsite ancillary services, the home, the mobile device with the hospital at its nerve center. Baldur Johnsen, Director of Global Business Development and Alliances, Applications and Business Services, HP Enterprise Services will be addressing these very issues in a 6-part webinar series (see Page 9 of the article) where he provided more details on current trends driving the transformation of healthcare management.

The Digital Hospital -- Orchestrating patient-centric healthcare

By Harry Kim, Senior Director, Worldwide Health & Life Sciences, HP


Conductor.pngAging population, technology expectations, medical advances, consumer empowerment, changing workforce, and reform policies are amplifying the pressure to transform an already stressed healthcare system. Read more to find out how intelligent workflows can transform the way health services are managed.


“The hospital is altogether the most complex human organization ever devised.”– Peter Drucker


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