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Intuitive innovation starts with a ‘yes’ to risk

Pizza.jpgBy Dennis Curry

Director – Account Strategy, Planning and Innovation, HP Enterprise Services


Can a slice of pizza motivate an innovator to sniff out a successful solution? You might be surprised. Consumers have more choices than ever before, and, as organizations innovate to respond competitively, user experience is the game changer. In this article, Dennis Curry explores how enterprises can embrace intuitive innovation.

Don’t reinforce the firewall, detonate it

MC_DATACENTER_0422R2.jpgBy Lisa Turner

HP Innovation Insight


Security has always been top-of-mind for enterprises, but collaboration outside of companies has called into question the effectiveness of the firewall, which is now seen as something that stifles innovation.

Geotagging gets social


By Lisa Turner, HP Innovation Insight

he emergence of geotagging, or collective filtering, which allows the addition of geographical identification metadata to such media as photos, video, websites, and QR codes, has gone a long way in helping users find information based specifically on location.

The new CISO of the future

By Lisa Turner, HP Innovation Insight


cyber crime.jpgThe global cost of cyber crime now exceeds $114 billion USD annually, significantly more than the market for marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined


As hackers boldly attack major corporations  and pilfer customer information and cash, the daunting role of chief information security officers (CISO) is increasingly in the spotlight.


Although the CISO function has existed for years, cyber security is now so central to the mission and execution of an enterprise, regardless of what industry it’s in, that the role is becoming more visible among senior leaders.

From mobile to global: Three requirements to rethinking your strategy

By Will Allen, HP Fellow, Printing and Personal Systems Group


In the global marketplace, enterprise agility has become the new currency.


As mobile applications and cloud computing move to the forefront, enterprises must create mobility strategies that equip them for the global marketplace. However, deploying such strategies may require rethinking the traditional business model and demanding that the enterprise restructure to utilize mobile and cloud innovations.


A report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. released in fall 2011 predicted that the global market for enterprise mobility would exceed $173.9 billion by 2017. The increasing competition in the global market is driving the demand for employees to stay connected wherever they go.


“If your mobile workforce isn’t fully empowered with all the available information, your competitor will be there before you,” says Dr. Jacob Sharony of Mobius Consulting, a firm specializing in wireless and mobile technologies. “Things are moving very fast in today’s world, and the technology has evolved to include almost ubiquitous coverage. So business has to be able to move very fast. Many enterprises still are not prepared for that.” 

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