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Knowledge Management, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing – Around Enterprise Services, Oct 5

By Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services Global Marketing


HPES Summary.jpgHere is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:


  • Debunking the 3 Myths of Knowledge Management
  • A new level of onsite support for the UK Ministry of Defense
  • Enterprises have business continuity – why not life continuity for humans?
  • Business intelligence requirements: a process not a deliverable
  • HP cautions enterprises and governments on Cloud DR and security
  • Annual Health Check for the Hospitals IT Environment
  • Use Social CRM for sustainable competitive advantage in the real-time world
  • Business Transformation Insights: The executive game changer
  • An Integration Engine is key to your Digital Hospital solution
  • Code Samples: Are They Ever Right? (Part 2)
  • Top 5 areas for making Cloud Governance real
  • Information Management: Why you shouldn’t ignore the little data for the big data
  • The 5P’s of Mobile Cloud Apps 
  • Watch what really happens when your critical apps are hit with an unexpected outage
  • We seem to be “stuck” on big data
  • Change the way your business communicates and collaborates with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 
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