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Service technology, Oracle OpenWorld, Cloud Computing – Around Enterprise Services, Sep 28

HPES Summary.jpgBy Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services Global Marketing


Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:


  • Why the Back-Office Systems are Critical to a Successful IPhone 5 Launch
  • Service Technology – Huh? What is that?
  • 5 reasons outsourcing finance and accounting makes sense
  • Protect the Privacy of Your Employees’ Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • HP to feature solutions for SAP HANA, Cloud, Mobility and Rapid-deployment solutions at SAP TechEd
  • Information management: How to choose the right Big Data Architecture?
  • Inception of OODA loop into the security hacker’s mind
  • Move your apps to the cloud. Attend HP mini-session at Oracle OpenWorld to learn more.
  • Blog Consolidation
  • Service Technology cements the connection between SOA and Cloud Computing
  • Gap?
  • Join HP at Oracle OpenWorld – Engineered to Inform and Inspire
  • Have you checked out the new Journey through Enterprise IT Services Blog?
  • Welcome to the Journey through Enterprise IT Services Blog
  • Build your business case for enterprise security
  • Rogers Communications solves customer bill shock with Data Passes
  • HP and TIBCO, together again at TUCON 2012 

Enterprise Security, SAP TechEd, IT Trends, Cloud Services: Around Enterprise Services, Sept 16

By Alison Watterson, Enterprise Services WW Marketing


Here is a summary of the Enterprise Services blog topics for this past week:


  • roundabout.jpgDay 3 – SAP TECHED – Continuing collaboration and networking
  • Is your view that ten years out computing will still be exciting?
  • Day 2 – SAP TECHED - Wrapping up another busy day!
  • Translate Healthcare Data into Actionable Information
  • Day 2 – mid-day – What’s on at SAP TECHED
  • HP public cloud services up and ready for you to sign up, if you are a developer
  • Historical trends show innovation spikes during recessions. Is that fueling MPS growth?
  • Sneak peek: 6 megatrends that will drive enterprise change
  • HP at SAP TechEd - Day 1
  • Top 5 reasons why security best practices are more vital to SMBs than large enterprises
  • Innovation INSIGHT on Security: Surf or sink during IT’s biggest challenge in 20 years
  • New HP security focused family of products and offerings
  • Move from Managing Security to Managing Risk
  • Begin the Journey to your Secure Enterprise


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