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Big Data in the fast lane

By Jenessa Evans

HP Enterprise Services


nascar-Instagram Race Day Flag.jpgThe FMEC comes as part of an innovative solution provided by HP Enterprise Services which was launched in early 2013.  This partnership allows NASCAR to interact with their 100,000 fans that attend the events and the 5.8 million others watching from over 170 companies around the world.


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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal

Trends_small.jpgBy Mateen Greenway, Fellow, CT UK & IPS


Cloud is a much abused word these days and it is vitally important to understand that because, in terms of service levels and security, “all clouds are not created equal.” Given that there are also more cloud services available than you could shake a stick at, it becomes hard to know which are right for you.  

Leverage customer opinion with social analytics

discover13_banner_300x250.pngBy Anne Harding, HP ES Marketing


Social media conversations affect your enterprise in countless ways, but capturing that data is a challenge. The secret is not just listening in, but also converting the Big Data to 1:1 customer analytics and applying it to customer experience operations for better understanding of and engagement with customers.

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Social networks have become a crucial part of marketing as well as brand management for businesses worldwide. In today’s connected world, videos, blogs, pictures, and comments play a big role in perception management. Hence, it becomes essential to constantly monitor social networks and act on them swiftly.


More than ever, people are blogging, tweeting, and posting opinions about services, products, and brands, and using these postings as a source of information when they make purchase decisions.  One study showed that a one-star increase in a restaurant's Yelp rating led to a 5 to 9% increase in its revenue. 


Social intelligence requires rethinking information management ecosystems

iStock_young_couple_tablet_shopping_XSmall.jpgThe explosive popularity of social media is creating an attractive pool of customer behavior information. Companies are wrestling with how to effectively leverage that information and engage with customers on their terms. Scott Walters, global solution leader for social intelligence at HP Enterprise Services, has published a practical approach (Adobe Acrobat file, p. 13) to integrate and act on social media in a recent issue of the Business Intelligence Journal, a publication of The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). 

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