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Drawing rave reviews HP OneView demonstrates why it’s best suited to address maintenance woes!

Guest blog by Bryan Jacquot, Chief Technologist, HP Converged Systems  



I had the privilege of meeting with numerous customers and partners during the recent HP Discover event in Barcelona.  I presented five sessions covering HP OneView and its provisioning, maintenance, and health monitoring capabilities.  I also had the opportunity to brief many IT directors and executives on the business benefits HP OneView offers their companies.  This blog shares insights from these interactions; I’m hoping you’ll be able to relate.


One conversation I had revolved around the risks that an infrastructure configuration change will break a production application and how this is an ongoing source of friction between app dev and IT operations. But what if you had a quick and easy way to roll out an update with new VLANs to just one or two enclosures initially? And then when you were confident the update worked as expected, you could simply push out the changes to the rest of your infrastructure? That’s just one of the HP OneView capabilities that inspired these comments:


         “This is the product we’ve been begging for. Thank you, we desperately needed this product.”

—Fortune 500 customer at HP Discover


Large multinational customers representing telecommunications, financial services and technology firms shared their excitement about how easily HP OneView enables standardization-- especially when it comes to maintaining their infrastructure. These customers were eager to see the following HP OneView capabilities:


  • Quickly add a new VLAN to an existing environment
  • Phase in standard configuration changes gradually
  • Deploy a new VLAN to hundreds of server profiles in minutes rather than weeks


I believe these customers were so enthused because HP OneView has several features that put them in direct control:


1.   Rapidly deploy infrastructure with standard configuration

HP OneView’s concept of logical interconnect groups enables you to define a consistent configuration of uplinks and of networks without having to configure each enclosure individually. You configure the groups with the desired settings for Virtual Connect. Then when you want to add another enclosure, you just specify that you want it to be in the desired group.  When you drop it in, the enclosure will take on all the settings that are in that logical interconnect group.


“It’s about time someone made the data center simple to manage.”

—A customer at Discover


Logical interconnect groups save time and cut down on the chance you’ll introduce mistakes when you deploy infrastructure.



2.   Perform maintenance at your own pace



BJ network.jpgSeveral customers were excited by the ability to phase in configuration changes gradually. When you make a change to a logical interconnect group, you get to decide when that change is applied to the underlying enclosures. It doesn’t necessarily need to happen all at once, though it can if you choose to automate it using HP OneView’s REST APIs. So for example, after a group has done a trial run of an update on one or two enclosures, they don’t have to go in and re-add a specific VLAN to the rest of the production infrastructure.


Instead, they can add the VLAN just once to the group, and then on each individual enclosure they need merely to accept the change. It might be one change, it might be five changes that they’ve made to the group. HP OneView will accept all the changes in one step, without requiring them to actually configure anything.


“Network setup is so important to us. This really helps cut down on mistakes.”

—A major telecommunications firm at HP Discover


With traditional maintenance tools, several steps might be involved in adding just one VLAN to an enclosure uplink, increasing the chance for mistakes when you repeat the process across multiple enclosures. And you can imagine how laborious and error-prone that becomes.


3.   Replicate changes in minutes with network sets

HP OneView’s network set construct dramatically simplifies infrastructure maintenance.


 “If you had done nothing but this, it would have validated the usefulness of this product.”

—A large European-based financial services firm at Discover


You can define the 10 or 20 or 150 networks that are in a set just once, and then in your server profile use that network set to configure hundreds of profiles. When you need to make a change, such as adding a VLAN, you don’t need to edit all of your profiles. You just go to the one network set and add the VLAN. HP OneView then pushes out the change to all your servers.


The financial services firm was thrilled with the ease of operation and the enormous amount of time it could save, saying, “It’s not uncommon for us to take two weeks to push out a new VLAN across our environment.” Network sets will enable them to perform the operation in a matter of minutes.


BJ hp group.jpg

At HP Discover, HP OneView generated a lot of excitement from our customers.  I guess seeing is believing.  It was clear the attendees realized how HP OneView simplifies converged infrastructure maintenance, saving them time and money by letting them quickly make changes in a consistent manner.










See how standardization and HP OneView can make your data center easier to maintain.  Download HP OneView software free for 60 days.



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