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HP OneView: The Greatest hit for converged infrastructure management from 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, I’m reflecting on the greatest moments and achievements for converged infrastructure management  during  the past year.   It is often hard to reach a consensus on these greatest hits. Take the Beatles: Should “Eleanor Rigby” outrank “Paperback Writer”? When it comes to the HP OneView converged infrastructure management platform, it is often difficult to choose which of its award-winning attributes deserves top billing. But why choose?  The HP OneView platform enhances productivity, increases ROI and makes it easier to manage your infrastructure so you can  meet business demands.


Simply stated, using converged infrastructure can lower your operating expenses. According to a recent Forrester Consulting survey[1],  15 percent of the firms that have implemented such a system have shown a savings of 11 percent or more over their previous systems. HP OneView ups the ante in three ways:


  •   A consumer-inspired user interface 
  •   A software-defined architecture
  •   An open, extensible platform


Come together


HP OneView replaces the multiple tools of traditional management systems with a unified, consumer-style dashboard interface that lets you monitor the status of every device in your data center with just one click. Other chart-topping features include:


  • An activity feed that alerts you to problems in real-time and enables collaborative troubleshooting. With HP OneView, you can keep track of multiple tasks, such as firmware updates or enclosure deployments, and maintain a searchable history on every device in the data center.


  • A visual, map-like display with searchable, hyperlinked resources in HP OneView  allows you to see the health, relationships and dependencies of your entire infrastructure. Embedded interactive links and the ability to share data center views enable fast, collaborative troubleshooting.


  •  A consumer-oriented search function that replaces the tree-and-branch hierarchy of traditional management tools with a flat search that easily scales as your data center expands. HP OneView Smart Search provides a visual overview of where all your specified resources are located, with active links to each resource.      


A hard day’s night no more


With HP OneView, automated workflow templates enable you to deploy applications as easily as you shop online, and do away with the need for repetitive manual operations that increase the risk of human error. When used in conjunction with HP BladeSystems, workflow templates can help you reduce your enclosure configuration costs by up to 98 percent.


RESTful APIs allow you to integrate HP OneView across your enterprise: you can tie in with existing management applications, including those created in-house; and you can create simple scripts to automate your maintenance practices, such as updating firmware in your blade enclosures. Because the scripts are built to scale, they’ll work efficiently no matter how large your data center becomes.


Rounding out HP OneView’s greatest hits is its rich and powerful state change message bus, RabbitMQ, based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol and aligned with OpenStack. You can use the message bus to subscribe to designated events and respond as appropriate, integrating HP OneView’s functionality with your overall IT service management.


Ticket to ride


See for yourself how the award-winning HP OneView platform can be a hit in your data center. Download HP OneView software free for 60 days.


~ Tammie

[1] “Converged Infrastructure Matures and Proves Its Value,” May 2013, Forrester Consulting, a custom technology adoption profile commissioned by Hewlett-Packard.

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