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New HP FlexFabric Adapters bringing unmatched performance and flexibility

Enterprise and data center environments continue to grow exponentially.  To support the increased demand for greater compute and network scalability, users are leveraging the industry’s latest server architectures such as HP’s Gen8 ProLiant family as well as scalable technologies, such as server virtualization.  This in turn is putting increased pressure on server I/O.  In response, we are introducing a new family of Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) that offers the industry’s highest performing Ethernet, FCoE and iSCSI connectivity.  These new CNAs not only align the network performance with the Gen8 high-performance CPUs, but actually offload the CPUs from storage processing, freeing up server processing cycles for applications requiring greater processing headroom


The resulting data demand has exceeded traditional 1Gb/s throughput capabilities and server I/O requirements.  With the introduction of our 4 new 10Gb adapters we will be able to help customers overcome these bandwidth limitations.


Customers will also now be able to use a single CNA to connect servers to storage and networks and reduce costs by requiring fewer adapters, cabling and ports.  Administrators now have only one connection to manage reducing management and deployment complexity.



1.      The new CNAs have the highest performance I/O in the industry (as documented by Demartek)

  •         2.5M FCoE IOPS – 250% faster than nearest CNA competitor
  •         1.5M iSCSI IOPS – 100% faster than nearest CNA competitor
  •         Multi-threaded packet routing – 264% faster than nearest CNA competitor


2.      HP is introducing additional 10GBASE-T options

  •         Cost-effective 10GBASE-T will increase end-user transition to 10GbE
  •         Provides customers the option on standard Ethernet cabling in 10GbE environment.  Allowing for a flexible, economical, backwards compatible option. Insert quant.


3.      Advanced Functionality

  •         Support for HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 in a blade environment to provide a wire-once, change-ready pool of I/O resources
  •         Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) in 10G BASE-T adapter that will reduce overall cabling costs
  •         Extensive server and I/O virtualization:  SR-IOV – Single Root I/O Virtualization for simplification of the I/O needs of Virtual Machines

 In addition with the introduction of our new 10G BASE-T FlexibleLOM Ethernet adapters which is a mature, stable and well understood technology more customers can now take advantage of 10GbE performance and solve their bandwidth challenges in a cost effective way.


         HP FlexFabric 533FLR-T Adapter                               HP FlexFabric 534FLR-SFP+ Adapter


HP 533FLR-T.jpg                     HP 534FLR-SFP+.png




HP FlexFabric 534FLB Adapter                                                     HP FlexFabric 534M Adapter


HP 534FLB.jpg                   HP 534M.png  





Now available as a fully supported factory installed option on HP ProLiant Rack and Blade servers and provides customers choice with our innovative FlexibleLOM design.  Customers can now take full advantage of their valuable PCI-e slots and maximum I/O performance.



Don’t delay.  They are now orderable and available!

To learn more about the HP ProLiant Networking adapters click here  
» Download the

» Visit the HP Broadcom web page

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