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Ten Server Technologies for 2011

My 2010 list was pretty accurate, so here are the new technologies I think will make an impact on servers in 2011:

1. Westmere-EX : Intel's 10-core cousin of the Intel Xeon 7500 used in higher-end x86-64 servers.

2. FDR Infiniband : Adapters and switches will boost 4-lane speed from 40Gbps to 56Gbps.

3. Microsoft SCVMM 2012 (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) :  Microsoft's virtual machine management tools are catching up to vCenter, adding optimization tools and an end-user self-service portal.

4. Sandy Bridge for servers: Intel's next-gen 2-processor server chips will come in 2 variants: an -EN value model and an -EP performance model.  

5. 16Gb Fibre Channel : Throughput boost for the fabric popular in supercomputing...just in case FCoTR doesn't pan out. 

6. Bulldozer : AMD keeps its core-count lead with its next-gen processor core, which will include the 16-core Interlagos processor.

7. PCI Express 3.0 : Raises (but doesn't quite double) per-lane PCI Express speed.

8. vSphere 5 : Whatever the follow-on to vSphere 4.1 is called, it will drive change. 

9. 30nm DRAM and 20nm NAND flash: Both technologies will be in production in 2011, and the net result for servers will be bigger, cheaper memory and SSDs.


10. Finally, the delivery boys (aka the network guys) will stop arguing about multi-hop FCoE, since the final DCB standards related to enhanced ethernet should be ratified.  Instead, they'll spend 2011 arguing about TRILL.



-- Honorable Mention --
Goodbye, Big Red Switch: Changes to the US National Electrical Code that could eliminate the need for the prominent emergency power-off switch next to data center exits.  No more data center outages because an intern wondered what the button does.

-- Dishonorable mention --
* Sorry, Xserve fanatics;  Apple's Xserve series of x86 servers discontinue in 2011. 

-- Judges Award for Effort --

Early this month, an IT guy who uses Sun servers told me "I trust Sun hardware a lot more than I trust Oracle roadmaps." Oracle promises a Sparc T4 processor and Solaris 11 in 2011.  For the sake of the good engineers from Sun and their customers, I hope Oracle delivers.  

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