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What if you could manage your data center as easily as driving a car?

Guest blog written by Jim Ganthier, Vice President, Global Marketing, HP Servers


When I start my car and put it into gear, I don’t think about the countless processes and technological marvels that allow me to drive.  I just get in my car and GO!  What if you had the same, easy experience managing your data center?  In other words, what if the tools were designed for the way you want to work, not how the infrastructure operates? 


We set out and did just that but before I get to how, let me put this in today’s perspective:  Service requests and change orders presently consume the days (and nights) of most IT staff.  Even basic projects can take weeks or months to fulfill, many times at high cost and with high risk of errors occurring.  And with increasing demands and SLA’s requirements on IT teams, most data center leaders are finding it harder to keep pace, both from a time, cost and agility perspective. 


At HP, we get it.  In our relentless quest to deliver a fundamentally better infrastructure management experience, HP invested four years of research working up close with more than 150 key customers in real-world data centers.  We spent 18 months refining our design principles and created over 5000 interface mockups before declaring a “winner.”


The result?


HP OneView will revolutionize data center processes. HP OneView will help IT leaders get the maximum out of their converged infrastructure investments and will dramatically simplify the lives of IT administrators.



Heard it before from others?  Make no mistake.  This is not just an evolution of today’s management tools it’s a revolution. By eliminating many manual (potentially error prone) operations with HP OneView, common data center processes such as deployment, troubleshooting, migrating and updating accelerate from hours or days to minutes. We set out to accomplish IT and data center tasks better than anyone else.


The numbers speak for themselves.  Only HP OneView empowers IT leaders to troubleshoot a network with 480 fewer steps than another legacy networking company and to  configure servers 9 times faster than previously.  How about provisioning a hypervisor cluster in less than 8 minutes vs. 170? In fact, one of our customers reduced the time to build and deploy a complete call center infrastructure for 12 sites from 66 days down to 1, and they did it overnight with HP OneView.  An IT leaders job is hard enough.  Shouldn’t your infrastructure management platform make it easier?  Of course, seeing is believing.  To get started, experience the HP OneView demo and read the eBook.  Let the power of HP OneView work for you and see where it takes you.




Blog edited on 9/26 to correct/add a link and bold copy

Jarkko_K | ‎09-25-2013 06:00 PM

Finally some look and feel for the tools. Waiting to get the "one" tool to rule them all =)

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