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A Blade Thanksgiving


 Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, a time when families often get together to give thanks for the things they most appreciate.  

  I snapped this pic inside one of the server development labs at HP; it looks like even the 'extended family' of blade servers decided to get together this year.

  Clockwise from the upper left, there's a Dell PowerEdge M1000e, two HP BladeSystem c7000's, a Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900, an IBM BladeCenter-H, and a Cisco UCS 5100.   

  I'm not sure what these guys are most thankful for; maybe it's their tender admin who cares enough to give them redundant power drops.

About Converged Infrastructure by Jim Jackson

by Jim Jackson, About Converged Infrastructure

About This Poster

Hi, I’m Jim Jackson.  I’ve recently joined the HP Infrastructure Software and BladeSystem team as the Vice-President of Marketing and want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and briefly explain how our new strategy ‘converges’ virtualized compute, storage and networks with facilities into a single shared-services environment to accelerate standardization, reduce operational costs and accelerate business results.

About Converged Infrastructure

Last week HP unveiled its vision for the datacenter called Converged Infrastructure. I’m sure you’re aware that HP BladeSystem is one of the key infrastructure components to build and optimize your next generation data center.  Add Virtual Connect and Insight Software for networking and management and you have the foundation our customers have been relying on for years to get better business results.  Our approach works with your existing infrastructure investments and prepares you for what’s next.  That’s what we mean when we say HP fits within your existing datacenter.  What HP is delivering today is what our competitors and their bolted-on offerings only have on the drawing board.   

What the Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know

I’ll be back later this week to explain more about how BladeSystem with Virtual Connect and Insight Software puts us ahead of the competition, hands-down.   Let’s just say it’s what the newbies at the edge of the network don’t want you to know.  In the meantime, we welcome your comments about how to deliver the converged infrastructure and what it means to you.


Join us at the Converged Infrastructure Roadshow

Join HP at the HP Converged Infrastructure Roadshow


Topics covered:

  •  Learning how to reduce your IT operations and maintenance resource costs

  • Remove trapped budget silos that are costly and underutilized

  • Transform your Data Center to operate more efficiently

See how the HP converged infrastructure architecture is breaking down technology silos to simplify IT and accelerate business results.

Day 1 sessions will highlight the following:  

-  Bulletproofing your virtualization strategy
-  Why Converged Infrastructure matters to your Data Center
-  Control Aging Server Sprawl; New economics you can't ignore
-  Unleash Trapped Capacity with Virtual Storage Infrastructure
-  Get out of the Sparc, IBM mainframe and legacy rut with Integrity optimized infrastructure
-  Changing Networking to Unlock Business Value

Day 2 sessions will highlight the following:  

-  HP BladeSystem Matrix and Insight Software: Converged Infrastructure solution for delivering shared services
-  Flex Fabric to dynamically connect resources
-  Unified Storage for flexible, resilient scale-out storage
-  BladeSystem with G6 processors for maximum performance and power efficiency
-  Detailed technical teardown of competitive systems to see what’s really under the covers

We look forward to seeing you there! Register to attend.


US dates:

Chicago, IL
December 8-9, 2009

Atlanta, GA
December 10-11, 2009

New York City, NY
December 15-16, 2009

Boston, MA
January 14-15, 2010

Los Angeles, CA
January 19-20, 2010

Seattle, WA
January 21-22, 2010

Denver, CO
January 26-27, 2010

Phoenix, AZ
January 28-29, 2010

Dallas, TX
February 2-3, 2010 

Houston, TX
February 4-5, 2010

San Francisco, CA
March 11-12, 2010

Shared Services with HP BladeSystem Matrix - Live Webinar on November 19

Getting to Shared Services with HP BladeSystem Matrix

What is the best way to deliver infrastructure and application services more quickly and consistently? How will shared services impact their IT infrastructure?

Learn how you can get infrastructure by the pound, a ready to run infrastructure, when you need it.

Join our live webcast on November 19, 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, with Illuminata Principal IT Advisor, Jonathan Eunice, and HP Chief Blade Strategist, Gary Thome, as they discuss the business and technology implications of shared services delivery. 

To register, visit http://hpbroadband.com/program.aspx?key=111909Matrix.


Reduce application deployment times with HP BladeSystem Matrix ISV Solutions

Joe Sullivan

Microsoft Technical Solutions Engineer - APS

 With the HP BladeSystem Matrix, you can radically change the way applications are deployed in your datacenter.  Matrix provides an integrated platform of infrastructure (server, storage, and network) resource pools which can be dynamically allocated as application services are provisioned.  This allows you to quickly adapt to the changing demands of your business and addresses the efficiency and agility challenges facing many datacenters today.

At the center of this new datacenter paradigm are the Matrix application service templates. These templates define the minimum resource requirements for an application deployment.  Matrix templates can also include embedded workflow components which allow you to automate post-OS installation tasks such as the installation and configuration of the application.  This allows you to rapidly deploy and automate  the end-to-end process of provisioning your line of business applications. 

With Matrix templates, you can significantly reduce application deployment times, from weeks and months down to hours and days.  Application templates also allow you to free up administrator time from the tedious, repetitive tasks of installing and configuring software to more innovative, revenue generating projects.  For example, deploying an Exchange 2010 template from the self-service portal requires 5 minutes of an administrator's time as compared to the 8-16 hours that deploying and configuring Exchange manually would take an administrator.  And not only do Matrix templates allow you to reduce the time to roll-out application services, they also provide a consistent, reliable, and repeatable process for application deployment. 

To assist you in designing and developing templates for your applications, HP has developed and published a number of Matrix templates supporting key Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL.  These templates provide a baseline for designing your own Matrix templates and capture recommended best practices for Microsoft application deployments.  Several of these templates also include examples of embedded workflows for automating the installation and configuration of Exchange.  These workflows provide a framework that can significantly cut down on the design and development time when building your own customized workflows.  

Beyond these reference templates, integration into the free HP sizing tools can help you quickly generate Matrix templates based on your specific resource requirements.  This can reduce the time to design and develop a service template for your Microsoft applications (like Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010) to less than 1 hour.   

Check out the Microsoft application template and workflow packages available today by going to the HP BladeSystem Matrix Template Community site at  www.hp.com/go/matrixtemplates.  And keep checking back in the future as new Matrix templates are always being added.


Extending BladeSystem Matrix through ISV partnerships

By Karl Paetzel
HP Enterprise Solution Alliances                  

This week HP announced new investments to extend the value of BladeSystem Matrix through our ISV partnerships.  Matrix is HP’s integrated offering of platform hardware, software, and services that delivers a shared-service IT infrastructure.  It greatly simplifies the way organizations can deploy resources for business applications.

Because it’s standards-based, Matrix works out-of-the-box for many enterprise business and infrastructure software applications.  To make it even easier for customers, we’re working with industry-vertical and infrastructure software partners such as:

·         Microsoft

·         Oracle

·         SAP

·         Citrix

·         F5

·         McAfee

·         MicroStrategy

·         Novell

·         Red Hat

·         SAS

·         Siemens PLM

·         SunGard

·         Symantec

·         TIBCO

·         VMware

Through integration testing, we’re delivering best practice white papers and Matrix ISV application templates. These templates drop into Matrix’s Insight Dynamics provisioning tools and automate best practices for infrastructure on-demand. 

ISV solutions on HP BladeSystem Matrix help you to deploy infrastructure faster, manage it more efficiently, and use repeatable solutions.  The bottom line is that it saves you money, optimizes your infrastructure utilization, and lets you spend more time on innovation.

Find the latest Matrix ISV solutions at www.hp.com/solutions/matrix.  For more detailed technical information about the HP BladeSystem Matrix ISV Solutions, please read Joe’s blog


Time to connect datacenter IT with facilities and unleash their trapped energy capacity

Written by Doug Oathout, VP of Green IT Enterprise Storage and Servers

IT organizations have been building infrastructure in silos for twenty years; the network administrator builds the interconnects, the storage administrator makes sure the data is accessible and secure, the servers administrator monitors application and server availability and the facilities manager makes sure everything is getting enough power and cooling to run safely.  This all sounds good until you run out of space, power and above all money, now what do you do?

Enter HP Data Center Smart Grid
The HP Data Center Smart Grid creates an intelligent, energy-aware environment across IT and facilities to optimize and adapt energy use.  It collects and communicates thousands of power and cooling measurements across IT systems and facilities in real-time to give customers more efficient insight and control over energy use. This lets customers support business growth by hosting more applications and services within the same energy footprint, thereby making more effective use of existing capacity and capital investments. 

Key benefits:

  • Increases the capacity and useful lifespan of the data center, postponing or eliminating additional capital expense

  • Reduces operating costs required to power and cooling IT systems

  • Improves reliability by optimizing power and cooling efficiency of IT and facilities

  • Provides insight and control over energy costs and environmental impact

HP Data Center Smart Grid works in concert with the HP Infrastructure Operating Environment, HP Flex Fabric, and HP Virtual Resource Pools  for continual optimization of your Converged Infrastructure.

Swifter, higher, stronger… It’s not just the Olympics’ motto anymore

By Nick van der Zweep

Director of Product Management, HP Insight Software

I hope you’ve heard some of the recent noise we’ve made around key enhancements to our Converged Infrastructure story.  If not, I urge you to check out the news.  We’re accelerating the creation of the industry’s first ‘Infrastructure Operating Environment’ with several cool enhancements to our HP Insight Software portfolio.  Swifter, higher, stronger…! 

As you might guess, Insight Software portfolio plays a critical role and I’m pleased to share several great enhancements for both Insight Control and Insight Dynamics.  We’re now delivering even more value with our 2 core offerings:  Insight Control for essential server management and Insight Dynamics for advanced infrastructure management. Insight Control now includes unlimited server migrations to streamline consolidation.  Likewise, Insight Dynamics now includes infrastructure orchestration and recovery management.  Finally, both Insight Control and Insight Dynamics now include the System Center and vCenter integration resulting from our joint development with Microsoft and VMware ensuring our customers receive the ProLiant and BladeSystem experience they’ve come to expect regardless of their management platform.

Provisioning is another area we’ve concentrated on this round.  Just one cool thing to mention is the ability to provision more than just infrastructure. We now have the ability to provision applications on top of the infrastructure as well. We do this by integrating with HP Server Automation.

 We also want you to be able to optimize your Converged Infrastructure confidently.  Hence, some key enhancements to our capacity planning arena, the main thrust of which is making the whole process faster and even more aligned to business.  We’ve added a host of useful reports that allow you to spot the most likely consolidation candidates, give you a big picture view of how much resources all the workloads are consuming, and even figure our how much each is using to more easily slip into a charge-back process.  

Last-but-not-least is trying to help customers save on disaster recovery costs by now allowing disaster recovery to either a physical or a virtual machine.  You can imagine how this could be appealing in-so-far as you can pack way more applications into virtual machines which could be perfectly OK in a DR scenario.

All of this means that we’re make it easier to manage your Converged Infrastructure:  to make disaster recovery more affordable, expand and simplify the provisioning capabilities, and make consolidation more precise and faster.  So maybe I’m stretching the analogy but it makes me think of that great, concise Olympics motto:  Swifter, higher, Stronger!

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