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Bells continue to ring at HP Networking. Find out about the loudest bell that Cisco heard too!

By Mary Gabra, Manager, Market and Competitive Intelligence, HP Networking 



mg.pngLast spring, I blogged about the customers HP Networking was earning. We ring a bell to celebrate every win. 


Well, it’s fall now, and I’m glad to report that the bells keep ringing.  Some bells were very loud – so loud in fact that I’m sure Cisco and Juniper can hear them too!


Why one specific win that just blew me away


HP earned the business of a very large government entity to deploy our MSR router series (MSR 20/30/50 & MSR6600) and our single pane-of-glass management platform (IMC) in 30,000 locations!  Yes, 30,000 locations.


This was a very large deal.  HP can’t share the client’s name, but I wanted my readers to know that HP is a real player not only in switching, but in routing too!  The impact of this deal will probably show up in HP’s enterprise router share perhaps in the 1H2013 reporting period, when the equipment is deployed.   


Hats off to the sales team that did such a phenomenal job in earning the clients business and at the same time proving to the world that HP Networking has a router portfolio that very large organizations trust and use for their mission-critical business. 


So, why am I saying the bells were loud enough to reach Cisco and Juniper? 



Well, both vendors competed for the business, but HP won the deal!  The customer selected HP’s routers because they deliver better performance and TCO. Another key reason HP earned the client’s business is our unique management platform – IMC, which provides a single pane-of-glass management solution.  HP has one management platform across the board for its networking portfolio, as opposed to competitors who have multiple management platforms that add more complexity.


Did you know that HP Networking holds the #2 position in enterprise routers globally? 


HP’s routers are deployed in some of the largest banks of the world and in very large enterprises. This new win will be added to that list!


To close, I just wanted to make sure you hear these loud bells too.  I will continue to update you on the other bells that have been ringing at HP, but I thought this loud one needed to be blogged about separately as HP is starting to make more noise globally with our leading router portfolio.


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Stay tuned to hear more about the bells ringing at HP.


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