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HP takes innovation to the next level with SDN App Store

By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager


ns.jpgWith the announcement of HP’s Software-defined Networking (SDN) open ecosystem, Software Developer Kit (SDK) and especially with the industry’s first SDN App Store, it’s no secret that HP has reignited innovation in the networking industry. 


You’ve probably heard by now, but it’s been a very exciting past few months here at HP.

With the announcement of HP’s Software-defined Networking (SDN) open ecosystem, Software Developer Kit (SDK) and especially with the industry’s first SDN App Store, it’s no secret that HP has reignited innovation in the networking industry.


HP’s vision for innovation has not only sparked excitement within the industry here in the US, but has quickly spread overseas as Kash Shaikh (Senior Director of Product Marketing & Technical Marketing Engineering for HP Networking) traveled to Germany for the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress 2013.


Kash sat down with Martyn Warwick’s TelecomTV  to share all HP’s bold move towards innovation with our recent announcement about HP open SDN ecosystem. You can see the video here “SDN app store promises to change developer business models.”




Figure 1: Kash Shaikh, Executive Director, HP Networking discusses HP's SDN vision and strategy


Similar to any new technology, SDN has a lot of barriers to entry.  The challenges with SDN adoption; are that there is limited ability to develop network applications and there is currently no SDN marketplace. 


HP SDN Open Ecosystem- One step to remove barriers to SDN adoption


Our strategy is to remove these barriers by creating SND Open Ecosystem and SDK for developers and partners to easily develop innovative applications.


The most exciting part of what HP is doing, is the industry first App Store! Yes App store! Actually the idea is similar to smartphone app store that with a single click you can download an application. Just think of how much your smartphone apps have simplified your life, it sure did mine!


Here is a snapshot of what the App store looks like: 




Figure 2: HP SDN App Store demo 


SDN APP store – revolutionizing the networking business model


We are nurturing innovation, by providing developers with all the tools including SDK to create SDN applications. As SDN simplifies the network, the SDN ecosystem simplifies application development.


We are removing the barriers and allowing everyone in the world whether working in a large corporation or in a dorm room to turn their ideas into a real application. The cost of entry is very minimal as we provide a controller and a virtual lab to test your application. Simple as that!


After you developed your SDN applications, the SDN App Store provides a platform for you to monetize and sell their applications. Because these applications can now be commercialized in the App store, we are one step closer to solving the challenges of SDN.


Let’s say you are a customer, what’s in it for you? 


There will be more innovative applications coming up on the app store. The benefits are endless; from cost saving to more productivity you can find any application that would align your network with your business applications.


We have reignited the innovation that once began here in Silicon Valley 74 years ago by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. We’ve created a whole different ball game for Software-defined Networking and although these are only the stepping stones for even greater things to come for the industry.


I can’t wait to see innovative SDN applications filling up the racks of our APP Store!

To find out more about more about HP Networking’s SDN App Store, visit: www.hp.com/networking/sdn


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