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Realize the World of UC&C - HP Tech@Work

Uwe Welzel, one of the Solution Principals for HP UC&C team based out of Germany was the second session I attended at HP Technology@Work. He started by talking about customer challenges, and why do customers investigate Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) ?

The initial forays into UC&C are around reducing cost, and reducing travel expense. Uwe asked the audience how many different devices they used. The answer ranged from two to five.. UC&C aims to bring this down to one. These customers want to make people more productive.

However, every enterprise faces Communication challenges. Too many disjointed devices, such as the office phone, cellphone, IM, email, Voicemail; all with complex user interfaces. There are increasing demands for instant access. The problem really stems down to one simple fact. We have multiple channels, with fragmented access.

Uwe stated that this audience is part of the email generation. Email is meant to be an asynchronous communication, while IM is synchronous. Uwe asked the room who got less than 100 emails a day? Only one person put their hand up….

The goal of UC&C for HP is to have one common infrastructure for voice / video / data for any client. This will then be more flexible, and offer comprehensive cost control. HP doesn’t want to talk to the customer on day one about the technology. We want to know what you want to achieve. We can work with any UC&C vendor including Microsoft, Avaya and Polycom.

Two common requests from customers though was to reduce the amount of vmail and email, and to have just one telephone number to call.

What framework is needed though? Telephony integration and security are key, but also converging the voice and data infrastructure.  The solution architecture overview is:


“A seamless & secure integration of voice / video / email / vmail / calendaring / fax / conferencing / IM / rich presence and collaboration via converged systems”


So how does it work?

First, it’s important to see how it’s currently integrated, as very few customers will have a Greenfield site. It’s normally very Active Directory driven, with MOSS / OCS / MS Exchange and MOC on the client being early deployments. PSTN is on existing networks, and you then need to provide gateways including SIP into the infrastructure. Mobile networks would then gain access, and finally HALO could be integrated so as to have video conferencing with OCS clients.

HP knows that the route for each customer is very different, and it’s never seen as just one project but a roadmap. We also know that one size does not fit all user requirements.


So why HP?


We already use it, and we can offer a best of breed solution components. Uwe closed the session summarizing the key points:


1.    UC&C is not a point solution, it’s a journey
2.    The majority of components needed are typically in place
3.    Identify your starting point, to help create a roadmap for the future
4.    Focus on tangible business results rather than technology
5.    Appreciate that different users have different needs, but have some commonality.
6.    Focus on the ease of use, and end user behavior changes as these will be a major success factor
7.    HP offers the entire portfolio from consulting to product
8.    Manage the Change
9.    Last but not least, we are the world’s largest Microsoft partner.


For more details head over to the HP UC&C and Microsoft / HP pages.

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