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Why a “Unified Network” saves you time and money

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking Global Marketing


db.jpgChances are good that you are using mobile technologies to develop new sources of competitive advantage for your business. Improvements to employee productivity and new, innovative modes of customer engagement, for instance, are some of those possible advantages. Unfortunately, you could be facing the all too common prospect of shrinking budgets. 

SDN Enables Central DNS Security, Globally Delivered

Guest blog by: Thomas Borrel, VP of Strategic Alliances, BlueCat


BlueCat-Colour.pngThere isn't a single client we talk to who hasn't noticed how critical their network has become for their business. Originally designed to connect terminals to a mainframe, desktops to printers, and laptops to web-based services, the network is now expected to support an ever-growing number of connected things and adapt to constantly evolving needs and security requirements. For the network to become more adaptable and elastic, its core services, like DNS (Domain Name System) need to also become elastic while providing security capabilities that it has never had to before.

How do you achieve SDN App Dev agility and ROI?

By Stacey King, HP Global SDN Alliances Marketing Manager


Stacey_King.jpgMy previous post “The proof is in the SDN Applications” highlighted how HP’s open SDN ecosystem provides customers more SDN applications to choose from and alliance partners more opportunities to develop innovative solutions to take to market.   In that post I also shared the exciting first wave of ready to test alliance partner applications.

What’s causing your slow network speeds?

By Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


gak.jpgYou know the feeling—you spend your out of office time on your home wireless network and everything you want to accomplish can be done on your array of mobile devices with no problems. But then later, when you’re back at work you encounter roadblock after roadblock using your mobile devices; either log-in issues, slow load times, or other complications. 

Improve Wi-Fi experience while avoiding interference

By Martine Velkeniers, Global Product Marketing, HP Networking


mv1.jpgAs Wi-Fi becomes more pervasive across the enterprise, managing the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, becomes increasingly complex. End users expect the ability to stay connected constantly, but with the increase in the number of networks, you may end up seeing more interference problems from surrounding wireless networks than you’ve been used to in the past. 

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