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Flexibility Is the Key To Survival! Adapt to Change With the HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series!

By Lauren McAndrews, Channel Product Marketing, HP Networking


Lauren McAndrews.pngFor your enterprise, flexibility is key in order to adapt to market requirements. If you and your business are not flexible, it will be difficult to change and grow in order to take advantage of new opportunities. But how can your business ensure this flexibility to change and grow?
This is where the HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series comes in, also known as the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Killer. If your network infrastructure is flexible, it is much easier to seize new market opportunities.

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A REAL SDN Ecosystem

By Jacob Rapp, HP Networking Global Marketing Leader, HP Networking


Jacob Rapp.pngWith Cisco’s recent announcement…or rather re-launch….of their DevNet developer ecosystem, it got me thinking of what a “real” SDN ecosystem should look like.

If at first you don’t succeed, call it DevNet — Cisco is putting “lipstick on a pig.” The Register remarks, “Cisco has picked up a lipstick-gloss in one hand and a pig in the other by re-launching its developer program to have another shot at attracting third party coders to its platforms.” Cisco DevNet isn’t new; the only difference from 2009 to 2014 is REST-based APIs and a Cisco-only sandbox.

Best Practices for Managing Wireless Networks

By Juliano Forti, Global Product Line Manager, HP Networking


Juliano Forti.pngAs the World Cup comes to a close in Brazil, we explore the best practices needed to sustain the networks needed as fans share their once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Unlocking the full potential of your network!

By John Gray, Data Center Marketing Lead, HP Networking


John Gray.pngRecently I came across a NetworkWorld article that referenced a Cisco configuration guide that detailed “3 steps” for migrating from a Catalyst 6500 to a Nexus 9000/ACI network.


This type of standard migration methodology has been used for years in the IT industry. Without sounding too boastful I should point out that that HP’s IT organization used this type of process four years ago when they migrated away from a Cisco network to a better performing, more reliable and lower cost HP network!

Get time back in your day with HP Cloud-Managed Networking

By Martine Velkeniers, Global Product Marketing, HP Networking


Martine Velkeniers.pngI have a gift for you! It's time! Time back in your day. If you manage IT in a small and midsize business (SMB)—particularly one that has multiple branches—getting the time back that you have to spend provisioning and troubleshooting multiple distributed sites would be blessing. Well, I’m happy to report that HP has developed a way to get that time back using HP Cloud-Managed Networking.

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