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Is there a “killer app” for Software-defined Networking?

By Srujan Sama, SDN Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


We’ve seen some discussion in networking forums about what could count as the “killer app” for Software-defined Networking – i.e., what would be the one application that drives it into the mainstream, much as word processing did for the personal computer back in the eighties? NetworkComputing’s Richard Kagan suggested that it might be Big Data here. Others have pointed to unified communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Lync (Ron Irvine makes a good case for Lync with SDN here).


Thinking in terms of killer apps is a valid way to look at SDN. At the same time, it’s also a good idea to look more broadly at what SDN can do for today’s networks.

What if you could provision new networks in minutes instead of hours or days?

by John Gray, Data Center Marketing Lead, HP Networking


John Gray.pngYou can probably spin up virtual machines at the drop of a hat using simple software configuration tools. But when it comes to your network, changes require reconfiguring switches, routers and firewalls. Config files are complex, and a single configuration error can damage your entire network. Managing your network becomes a bottleneck. But what if you could spin up a network the same way you spin up a VM, using software tools that manage the network configuration for you?

Berger Health System says goodbye to Cisco, hi to future-proof networking

Mary Gabra.jpgBy Mary Gabra, Senior Global Manager, Customer Excellence


One good sign that a health organization – or any organization, for that matter – is functioning well is that its staff are happy with the tools they rely on. Take Berger Health System, for example. “Our nurses are happy, and that’s a good thing for everyone,” says Andy Chileski, CIO, talking about Berger’s network infrastructure and its transition from Cisco to HP Networking. “They know they’re spending less time waiting for applications and data, so they can be more responsive to patient needs.”

Yes, your Cisco network will work just fine with HP gear: here’s the proof

By John Gray, Data Center Marketing Lead, HP Networking


John Gray.pngOne thing that I often come across when I’m out there talking to network leaders is the idea that you can’t slot HP gear into a Cisco-based data center network without causing problems. I’ve always argued that, given the bedrock reality of HP’s commitment to open standards and interoperability, this is just a misperception. And now I can share some new research that should dispel that idea for good.John Gray Cisco.png

School district gives HP Software-defined Networking solution an A+

As SDN gains traction and the use cases multiply, more and more organizations are proving that it's every bit as powerful as its advocates claim. I came across a great example in this recent NetworkWorld article: School district gets an HP SDN makeover to address wireless growth, security problems (requires free registration for the complete article).


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