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Unified communications platform helps HP employees connect more easily

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Dragana Beara.pngFor those of you following my posts, you know I am very passionate about Unified Communications (UC), and more specifically Lync, because it is the one technology solution that can make a huge difference for all: business, IT, and end-users.


Seamlessly migrating from Cisco to HP Networking

By Mary Gabra, Sales Enablement Manager, HP Networking


Mary Gabra.jpgThe more I hear about customers challenging their network’s status quo and making a change, the more inspired I become.  Many companies tend to stay in their comfort zone and are afraid of the unknown.  However, in many cases, making the move to a better and well qualified solution has proven to be very rewarding.

Redefining data center security (spoiler: securing the perimeter is not enough)

Guest blog by: Dror Sal’ee, VP Marketing, GuardiCore


GuardiCore.jpgAs we’ve become increasingly aware, data centers house some of the enterprise’s most sensitive data and run most of its business related processes as well as security controls, making them a prime target for attacks.

Why a “Unified Network” saves you time and money

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Dragana Beara.pngChances are good that you are using mobile technologies to develop new sources of competitive advantage for your business. Improvements to employee productivity and new, innovative modes of customer engagement, for instance, are some of those possible advantages. Unfortunately, you could be facing the all too common prospect of shrinking budgets. 

SDN Enables Central DNS Security, Globally Delivered

Guest blog by: Thomas Borrel, VP of Strategic Alliances, BlueCat


BlueCat-Colour.pngThere isn't a single client we talk to who hasn't noticed how critical their network has become for their business. Originally designed to connect terminals to a mainframe, desktops to printers, and laptops to web-based services, the network is now expected to support an ever-growing number of connected things and adapt to constantly evolving needs and security requirements. For the network to become more adaptable and elastic, its core services, like DNS (Domain Name System) need to also become elastic while providing security capabilities that it has never had to before.

How do you achieve SDN App Dev agility and ROI?

By Stacey King, HP Global SDN Alliances Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Stacey King.pngMy previous post “The proof is in the SDN Applications” highlighted how HP’s open SDN ecosystem provides customers more SDN applications to choose from and alliance partners more opportunities to develop innovative solutions to take to market.   In that post I also shared the exciting first wave of ready to test alliance partner applications.

What’s causing your slow network speeds?

By Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Gladys Alegre Kimura.jpgYou know the feeling—you spend your out of office time on your home wireless network and everything you want to accomplish can be done on your array of mobile devices with no problems. But then later, when you’re back at work you encounter roadblock after roadblock using your mobile devices; either log-in issues, slow load times, or other complications. 

Improve Wi-Fi experience while avoiding interference

By Martine Velkeniers, Global Product Marketing, HP Networking


Martine Velkeniers.pngAs Wi-Fi becomes more pervasive across the enterprise, managing the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, becomes increasingly complex. End users expect the ability to stay connected constantly, but with the increase in the number of networks, you may end up seeing more interference problems from surrounding wireless networks than you’ve been used to in the past. 

Catch a Wave!

By Kevin Secino, AMS Regional Mobility and SMB Product Line Manager, HP Networking


Kevin Secino.jpgCatch a wave to be  sitting on top of the world with HP Networking


HP channels buzzing with excitement over SDN and Mobility transformation opportunities

By Nick Watson, Vice President EMEA Enterprise Group, HP Networking


Nick Watson.pngAt the HP Networking Partner Academy in Lisbon 3 weeks ago, a good deal of discussion took place about how fast Software Defined Networks (SDN) would become the preeminent way of building networks. More to the point, how quickly would SDN take over completely from the manual, device by device configuration approach designed in the 1990s

The benefits of deploying BYOD

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Dragana Beara.pngChances are good you’ve heard a lot about the business implications of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD as it’s often referred to. And chances are good that you’re already dealing with BYOD in some form in your workplace. So how does that affect your business? What are the benefits, and what are the potential roadblocks?

HP Networking SDN solution wins the 2014 NetEvents cloud innovation award!

By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Newsha Sharifzadeh.pngLast week HP received the award for the best cloud innovation at the 2014 NetEvents for our HP Network Optimizer SDN Application – once again reinforcing our innovation efforts and leadership in Software-defined Networking. The 2014 NetEvents celebrates organizations and individuals that lead the world by innovation and performance in the cloud sector. Our SDN applications was recognized for the innovation- our HP Network Protector SDN Application won the 2013 NetEvents SDN innovation award. 

HP recognized for best “Enterprise SDN Solution”

NetEvents Cloud Innovation award judges pick HP Network Optimizer 


By HP Networking


HP’s Network Optimizer SDN application was selected as joint winner of the “SDN Solution for the Enterprise” category in this year’s NetEvents Cloud Innovation Awards. The award was presented today to HP and Nuage Networks jointly by Rohit Mehra, IDC’s Vice President, Network Infrastructure, on behalf of the award’s independent judging panel of leading IT industry gurus and senior figures from the foremost international technology press and industry analyst organizations around the globe.


SDN Innovation to Simplify Networks

By, Lauren McAndrews, HP Networking


Software Defined Networking (SDN) is here, and it is the next big thing to hit the technological market!

According to SDNCentral, the SDN market is expected to grow to $35 billion by 2018. (To see their projected SDN market reach click here.)  Companies are quickly preparing to implement Software Defined Networking as a key ingredient for a successful business strategy.


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