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Demystifying The Machine – the next computing quantum leap

In the IT industry we talk a lot about inflexion points, quantum leaps and the “next big thing.” We’ve moved from a world of mainframes to PCs, through the Internet and are now firmly entrenched in the Cloud era. Everyone in the industry would also agree that we are grappling with the issues created by the massive amounts of data that are being created on a daily, soon to be hourly, basis. This data explosion is forcing the industry to consider how we will manage the huge volumes and diversity of data in the future. Right now, the solution has been a linear one – more data equals more data centres to store it. But this is not a sustainable answer, as more data centres consume ever more energy and resources. Soon, storing the sheer volume of data we have produced will require more energy than we can produce

The flash storage battlefield – spilling the beans and the blood

Flash – now we’re talking

I’ve resisted commenting on the flash storage topic for some time, even as the hype in the market reaches a crescendo. But now the time is right for me to get some things off my chest and set the record straight. Not least because many vendors – start-ups and established players alike – have had their say for far too long. I’d like to provide a more pragmatic and balanced view of the current flash landscape, what the future is likely to hold and most importantly the pitfalls customers need to avoid.

The changing face of the IT customer

Who do you think you are?

I’m fortunate enough to spend the majority of my time speaking to customers, partners and industry peers to learn about your challenges, priorities, and more often than not how you are changing. The major IT trends of today like open source, ITaaS, Cloud, Big Data, mobility and security are forcing you to reevaluate what you need to achieve, who you need to work with to achieve it (both internally and externally) and what—if anything—you can afford to sacrifice in the name of innovation and business transformation. With such a dynamic and changeable landscape, I thought I’d take a moment to consider where we stand today as IT professionals and where we might be tomorrow

Burrowing deeper into BURA

What’s really hot in storage?

There seems to be a lot of buzz in the storage industry right now around “fashionable” topics like Software Defined this… or High Performance Flash that… These are relevant subjects but we must not lose focus on the core issues of the day; like how we manage, protect and retain the vast amounts of data and information being constantly created (and by the way, rarely deleted).  Primary Storage is cool but BURA (Backup, Recovery and Archive) deserves far more attention than it currently gets. Here's my view.

How is storage like a Swiss army knife?

Knife_MSA.jpgAs well as the common objectives of reducing operational costs and increasing productivity, today’s small and midsize businesses, are often the pioneers of new marketing approaches and the development of innovative new products and services. To do this, they are grappling with issues like how to effectively mine the data they have, how to support the development of new services with limited budgets and – in some cases – how to evolve an aging legacy storage infrastructure with few specialised resources.

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