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I am new here. Hello... I have a question


I have to take a minute to say hello. I have been a pc nut for about 4 years now. I started with a Compaq preserio. That pc was a amd K6/2 450 chip. At the time it was fine for me but I needed MORE POWER AND SPEED!!!! LOL
So I stepped up to a 1.3 from a 450 and man what a diference.

I am now the happy owner of a Pavilion 520N. And so far I love it. But have one issue..

I went to the web site to look for updates of drivers and such and noticed they are offering a BIOS update. I updated the bios on my compaq so I am familiar with it.

I tried the older version of the bios they offered on 3/02 but ran into this same trouble. I now tried it today and still NO satisfaction?

When I run the bios upgrade from the ms-dos startup disk it shows the bios date and update. I proceed but it errors with

"Can't find bios hook" THen I have to reboot and not do the upgrade?

Does anyone know what Can be going wrong? It did this with the other update? Could my pc be defective? or damaged? I have the 3 year warranty from best buy where I bought it. I wanted to try anyone here to see if anyone knows what it could be. Back when I tried the bios update in march I called best buy after getting the error. They said,"Call HP".. So I did. But could not come up with a solution there.

Thanks for you time and hello again..


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Re: I am new here. Hello... I have a question

Bios from here?

"Can't find bios hook" message could appear when you didn't disable virus protection in BIOS. Disable it and try again.

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Re: I am new here. Hello... I have a question

Flashing BIOS can be risky. Do not use any other BIOS but HP, because the MB is proprietary. If you are not encountering any problem, then do not update just because there's an update available.

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