Pavillion 8776c video card upgrade ATI Radeon 8500 (78 Views)
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Pavillion 8776c video card upgrade ATI Radeon 8500

I recently purchased the ATI Radeon 8500 128MB DDR (AGP)video card for my Pavillion 8776c. I was having problems and checked out ATI's website and was suggested to update my BIOS. I am running Windows XP Pro with SP1 and I have not been able to locate an update for the BIOS or any other means of fixing the problem. Are there any suggestions?
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Re: Pavillion 8776c video card upgrade ATI Radeon 8500

Could be DDR or non-AGP 2.0 compliant. I would suggest that you boot into safe mode and remove all video drivers in add/remove as well as device manager. Shut down PC and follow the mfr's installation guide. It should be straightforward with an AGP slot. If problem persists, try a different card with Nvidia chipset. I've read a few success stories with the 4200/4600 cards.

If you want more help, then you need to provide more details, not just "I was having problems".

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Re: Pavillion 8776c video card upgrade ATI Radeon 8500

You might have to get specific about the problems you are having before someone can suggest a solution.

There is one BIOS update for your computer on HP's support web page for your product. The update is to version 2.12.

You might not even need it of course... these sorts of recommendations from 3rd party vendors are often a "catch-all" type reply which translates as 'duh... we don't know why it doesn't work for you'.

Generally speaking, one source of problems is not following the installation instructions explicitly. If you didn't remove the old Vanta drivers and Nvidia utilities first that can cause problems. If you didn't set the computer to boot up with the Standard VGA driver before installing the new card that can also cause problems (not really sure about XP on that one).

One other simple thing which may affect you is that often the first PCI slot below the AGP slot will share the same IRQ as the AGP slot. If you have an ethernet card or certain others (SBLive for instance)in slot 1 it can create conflicts and much grief. Remove any card from that slot and see what happens. If you have to use that slot, I find that the Chameleon card seems to share IRQs nicely with the AGP.

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