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system resources

My system resource meter shows system-56%, user-56%, and GDI-69%. Should these readings be higher or are these the norm. Is there any where to find a dummies guide to understanding system resources? Thankyou Terp
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Re: system resources

They're a little low, but unless you keep a good number of apps running (or a good number of poorly-*written* apps, I should say), you shouldn't normally run into too many problems at that level. The problem lies in the fact that many apps are resource-hungry & are unfortunately also aren't cleanly written enough to fully release their resources when closing (Eudora is one, for example). Open & close them enough, & sooner or later you don't have much left of the GDI/USER heaps. It's not an issue with XP but is with 9x-generation versions of Windows. The only *real* fix for it is to reboot. Here's a pretty good article that goes into some detail on it:

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Re: system resources

In addition>
Some basic info >

Freeware and shareware programs (solutions for tune up)>,cat,1506,sortIdx,1,pg,7,00.asp

BTW, don't worry, there are a ok numbers...

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Re: system resources

Yup, remove that background image and screensaver first, then reduce the number of icons on the desktop.

Active desktop on? Turn that darn thing off NOW.
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