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unexpected power off -- fuse??

i have hp pavilion 6535. after 1/2 hour, pc
unexpectedly shuts off. i can only turn on
again after unplugging it and replugging it in.
pc 2 years old. never had this problem. we
have no air conditioning or any other fluc-
tuation in power consumption.

any thoughts?
blown fuse?

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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

Check your PC's power supply.. maybe in need of a new one. Or perhaps there's a loose connection... Check your wall outlet also... Try to plug it in another outlet..
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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

Go to control panel\power options. Make sure power schemes is set to always on and all devices are set to "never". If you have a hibernate tab, click it and uncheck "enable hibernate support".

What did you do after you unplug the PC from the wall outlet? How long did you unplug the PC? Did you push or press anything on the PC when it is unplugged? Did problem occurs with a particular program or when connected to the internet? Does it shut down exactly at 30 minutes?

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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

Agreed. Just in case, check the cpu fan.
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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

There may also be some power management options in your system bios as well...
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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

When Windows is out of physical memory, it will use the hard drive (virtual memory) instead. The PC will be slower, but it should not shut down.

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Re: unexpected power off -- fuse??

yea... sounds like power supply (the power supplies in those cases were not highly rated, maybe 90-120 watts)... maybe motherboard or even the cpu... it maybe related to the heat or age (dust clogging fans, insulating components to build up more heat, etc)... you can probably eliminate windows and software reasons by booting into the bios and leave it there for the ?? hour that you expect it to power down...

as far as isolating from that... best i can say is open the case is use your senses... look inside the unit for the cpu (avoid "breaking" the computer in half for the observation), and see if the cpu heatsink fan is spinning... or if it is blocked by the secondary ide cable (this usually gets in the fan and stops it)... also check to see how dirty it is inside (2 year old computer probably has lots of dirt inside if its never been opened)... also power it up while open to identify any "burning" type smells, and try to localize from there... do you feel air coming out of the back of the power supply... the fan that is used the piglet's power supplies push the air thru the power supply rather than pull it out like most... so you may not feel much air coming out of it... if you dont feel any airflow at all... then "break" the computer in half by removing 2 screws in the back down the center line, and 2 screws on the right side, near the front, this allows you to open the computer up (mind the cables inside, its a tight fit) and observe if the power supply fan is working... use a non-conductive stick, such as a pen cap, etc, and stick it in the fan to see if its spinning (its dark in there, you may not be able to see it in motion)... uhm... thats all the suggestions i have for now... have fun

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