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Big Deal for Big Data: HP unveils the industry’s 1st server purpose-built for Big Data



Why is this such a big deal you may ask?

Well if you are part of the any organization using Big Data application environments such as Hadoop, MPP data warehouses, big data analytics and object stores you already know the answer.


The fact is that leading organizations of the future will be distinguished by their ability to gain value from their data. This presents a CIO with a challenge and an opportunity.


Big Data are volumes of unstructured data generated from audio, video, graphics, social media messages, machine generated data, transaction data, etc. that fall outside the purview of "traditional" databases, and it creates value in several ways.  Companies can create transparency, discover needs, expose variability, improve performance, segment populations for customization, automate decision-making, and develop new business models, products, and services.


Unfortunately, deploying these solutions on existing architectures that are not designed to handle the specific needs of these workloads, invariably results in challenges of space, cost and time as you scale out.  But there is a new solution. The new HP ProLiant SL4500 server series is the only solution purpose built for Big Data environments.


How can we make this claim?

Because we have taken our experience in converged design (along with 23 years of leadership in server storage design) and added the many innovations found in the HP ProLiant Gen8 family, to design a server that delivers maximum performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness in an ultra-dense solution.


Compared to the choice you have today (a standard 2U servers plus JBODs), the new HP ProLiant SL4500  server series will consume up to 50% less space, 61% less power, and 31% lower cost, while using 63% fewer cables! If you are dealing with Petabytes (which if you aren’t yet - you soon will be) you know those are serious savings!


We’ve also thought about the many different types of big data workloads you have and know that one size does not fit all, as previous product attempts by our competitors have shown. Instead, the HP ProLiant SL4500 server series comes in three different chassis configurations to match your exact needs, with an ideal combination of core to spindle ratios.


Do you need storage density?

If so, we have you covered.  The new HP ProLiant SL4500 server series has industry-leading storage density of up to 240 terabytes in a single 4.3-rack unit chassis, or 2.16 petabytes with nine servers in an Industry-standard 42-U rack.  And this wasn’t a matter of just packing in as many drives as possible!  The design takes into consideration the fan power to cool the drives effectively and efficiently -and they are hot-plug.


Of course, some might ask, “Why not just put in a HBA and reduce the cost?  Why use a Smart Array controller?”  Many of you don’t even use RAID. Well the answer is that the Smart Array adds lot of value - not just now, but into the future as well.


Here is one example: HP Predictive Spare Activation.
Within the server you can assign spare drives even to RAID 0 volumes. The Smart Array controller monitors drive performance and will start to copy a drive to a spare when a potential failure is detected. The spare drive is being built by a copy from an active drive so it happens fast. In environments like Hadoop, you know that when a drive fails, there is rebuild across the network which, with larger capacity drives approaching 4TB, this can be very costly in terms of network traffic. HP Predictive Spare Activation can avoid the network rebuild by predicting a failure and copying a drive before it fails.


But that is just one example. There are so many more innovations in this latest member of the HP ProLiant Generation 8 (Gen8) family to see. To find out more go to hp.com/go/ProLiant/BigDataServer


Also, if you happen to be in Frankfurt, Germany on Dec 4 – 6, stop by HP’s premier client event, HP Discover, and take a test drive of this product.





Kids entertainment | ‎11-20-2012 10:40 AM

Huge data required a multi function server for effective managment and coding of data in big orgnization. Thanks for a great info regarding such  a great topic. 

IT Training | ‎08-18-2014 02:07 PM

In today's Social media era every day million's of status and billion's of tweets are happening all over the world in facebook and twitter respectively.Structuring the data become the real constriant.Big Data provides the solution to it,but we need a effective server to handle the data.Thanks for you information on HP ProLiant SL4500 server.Going to do a seriously reasearch on it.

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