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Pathfinders Making it Matter – Welcome to Applied Micro and Cavium: HP Moonshot Update

Guest blog written by Tim Wesselman, HP Senior Director, Partner Strategy, HyperScale Business Unit


As a follow up to Glenn’s update today - For the record, I thought he and Calxeda had pulled a marketing fast one with Jon Master’s bicycle powered ARM server, too. So I called Jon and he explained that it REALLY was powered by his bike! Amazing!


Now about Glenn’s Pathfinder question... Thank you for asking! We've been getting this question a lot lately, so let's take this occasion to provide more information about WHAT the Pathfinder Program is and WHY it matters for Moonshot.




The Pathfinder Program is much more than a logo swapping, co-marketing program. It is chartered with developing the Moonshot partner ecosystem, from the silicon all the way through to the applications and solutions that will be powered by Moonshot platforms.


It’s about deep collaboration, learning, and innovation so that we can all unlock the promise of extreme low energy servers together.  Being a Pathfinder takes a commitment.  This is one of the most comprehensive partner programs that we've ever done!


As you might imagine, we spent a lot of time working with our silicon partners... And there are a lot of them... I'm thrilled to say that we are collaborating with the best and the brightest in the semiconductor industry. We are all working to harness the disruptive power of Moonshot and to provide the ideal platform to enable our silicon and software partners' technology to shine!


I’m very excited to announce our newest members of the Pathfinder Program: AppliedMicro and Cavium, both of which have disclosed exciting 64-bit ARM v8 SoCs initiatives. We are closely collaborating with both companies and are excited about the opportunities that their uniquely differentiated technology could bring to Moonshot.


AppliedMicro is a global leader in energy conscious computing solutions for telco, enterprise, data center, consumer and SMB applications. With a heritage of innovation in high-speed connectivity and high-performance computing, AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership for service provider and data center infrastructures. AppliedMicro's X-Gene(TM) Server-on-Chip platform combines high performance ARMv8 compliant cores with  integrated networking, storage and hardware accelerators to significantly reduce latency and boost performance for cloud workloads.


Cavium is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor processors. Today Cavium delivers multicore processing for intelligent networking, security and storage. Cavium's OCTEON Multi-core  processors offer up to 48 64-bit cores on a single chip providing performance of over 100Gbps. 


On Aug 1, 2012 Cavium announced it has an ARMv8 architecture license and  provided some details of its Project Thunder Initiative. Project Thunder will deliver a family of highly integrated, multi-core SoC processors that will incorporate highly optimized, full custom cores built from the ground up based on 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set architecture (ISA) into an innovative system-on-chip (SoC). The family of SoCs will integrate high-performance compute, networking, security, storage along with targeted workload application acceleration and high-speed industry standard IOs.


I’m really excited about our newest partners and the potential that they represent for Moonshot and ARM-powered servers. While both Cavium and AppliedMicro are targeting Cloud-centric workloads, their designs and capabilities are highly differentiated and will bring fresh new innovation into the server market. Perhaps they can both add their comments.


Now we've only just touched our silicon partners... We’re also focused on the software partners, and are deeply engaging with Canonical, Red Hat and others. That said, we’ll save the software discussion for our next update.


Thanks for all the interest in Moonshot and Pathfinder!


Warm regards,




For more information, read more about HP Project Moonshot, or join the HP-CAST LinkedIn community.

Jon Masters | ‎09-28-2012 07:52 PM

Just realized I never hit "post" before. Thanks for the kind words, Tim! Indeed, the bike demo was real and was really powering the HP Redstone server at Red Hat Summit. I spent many evenings and weekends getting that ready (and if you think we're done, there will be more where that came from!). The truth is, the future is about high density, low energy computing, and about re-thinking existing expectations. Who says you can't power servers with a bicycle? Who says you can't run a whole a datacenter at a fraction of the energy convention says is needed? We can collaboratively re-think many of our assumptions, and together we are going to do that. I am thrilled to be working with Tim and others to solve some of these big industry problems together. I'm also thrilled to see the work being announced by Applied, Cavium, and others. We live in very exciting times.

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