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HP saw the wheels of recovery turning last week at HP's 20th Annual CAE Symposium....in Detroit!

I got the following report from Christine Fronczak , our WW Computer-Aided Engineering Business Manager, highlighting  observations from the recent HP CAE Symposium (see prior blog), and thought it would be intersesting to share with you all.   Thanks, Christine, for permision to post!   Note that presentations from the Symposium are available for download at the site www.hp.com/go/cae.

"It was a great honor for me to host HP’s 20th Annual CAE Symposium last week in Detroit.  For our 20th anniversary event, we chose to return to Detroit… the locale of so many successful CAE events with anchored by several key CAE automotive customers. It’s been quite a climb for these customers during these many months of a difficult economy, but after meeting with customers at the event, I was convinced that Detroit has the perseverance and drive to recover and return to a leading center of innovative product design and development.  The discussions that I had with key customers confirmed their belief in CAE simulations and recent HP CAE investments by these customers prove that they realize the criticality of CAE to ensure their growth and success for the US automotive industry.  One customer told me that even though times are difficult, cuts in CAE simulations would be ill advised because lack of investment today would result in lack of competitive product offering when the economy fully recovers. 


I also learned of interesting and innovative new ways CAE simulations are being used. The footprint of applications for CAE is expanding and is now treading in product designs and other areas that were previously sacred to PLM.  Customers are also looking for alternate deployment models for CAE, such as the use of flexible computing resources through hosting companies, such as HP’s Flexible Computing Services.  Yes, we’re talking about CAE as a Service. Customers see this as a “safe” way to expand available resources during peak usage. We are not talking your grandfather’s CAE!


Our day began with very compelling keynotes. HP’s Ed Turkel kicked things off with a brief history of CAE in HPC. The audience highly valued Keith Meintje’s keynote (CPDA) “The Rise of Simulation—The History, and Future, of CAE” which showed the vast improvements made in this technology area but also revealed the opportunities for growth that are yet to come.  All of the attendees are asking for a copy of Keith’s slides!


Also featured on our keynote agenda were presentations from our premiere event sponsors, Intel and Microsoft. 


Intel’s performance leadership today with their Nehalem chipset was shown but they also revealed a roadmap with further enhancements for next year. That roadmap got this CAE crowd pretty excited….nothing like a good boost in performance to improve your CAE simulations!


Microsoft is also investing heavily in HPC and, in particular, the CAE segment.  The industry’s use of HPC Windows 2008 is growing and Microsoft provided a valuable proof point by sharing their limelight on stage with CAE customer Honeywell Aero.  Christopher Chang (Honeywell) shared how his team, original Linux experts, grew to love and respect the Microsoft Windows environment because it provided reductions in cycle times (11 days to 3 days!) and decreased their overall time to solution.  Honeywell is growing (not cutting) their budgets for CAE simulations.


The afternoon was filled with three simultaneous tracks (2 with CAE ISVs and the 3rd with HP/EDS solutions & services).  All were heavily attended and we saw customers lingering in discussions well after the 6:00 p.m. ice cream social had ended. 


This year’s event has got me really fired up about the CAE market –and thinking about all kinds of exciting new applications for the category to help our customers shorten development cycles and time to market, saving them money in the process.


For further info about the event and to see the presentations, please visit our website at www.hp.com/go/cae"


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