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A brief interview with the new Portfolio leader of HPES Storage Services.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Fowler, Global Portfolio Director of Storage Services, to discuss his new role, and what his insights are into HP Enterprise Services (ES) Storage Services offerings. Here is a transcript of the discussion.


  1. How long you have been with HP?

Fowler: “I am a 30 year veteran of HP.  I was actually sponsored through college at the University of Westminster in London by HP, so in theory I could add those years on as well.”


2. What previous roles you have held with HP?


Fowler: “I started in the UK as a customer engineer, and then went into the UK response center to specialize on HP3000 and HP Storage devices. I then became the UK business manager for Business Continuity & Recovery Services (BCRA). Having established that business I then managed BCRS for the Europe Middle East and Africa region and then globally. This is when I moved to the USA in 2001.  I was then asked to set up a team to develop our first Utility Computing Service; this was Flexible Computing Services which has now morphed into HPES Enterprise Cloud Services -  Virtual Private Cloud.  After the acquisition of EDS I was asked to return to BCRS and integrate the two company’s capabilities into one, and now I lead Storage Services, since November 2012.”


3. Can you explain what your new current role is all about?backup.jpg


Fowler: “I am the global leader for the ES Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing (ITO) storage services.  The team is responsible for the service life cycle (i.e. taking services from cradle to grave). We also maintain the current services we have. To do this role, I have Offering Managers to manage and develop the services, we have Portfolio Readiness consultants who work closely with the regional delivery teams and solutioner’s to launch the new services and engineering that build and test the new services and maintain current services.  All this is done with close alignment to the regional delivery, solutioning and portfolio teams.”


4. What are your plans moving forward to align HPES Storage Services offerings to current and future clients?


Fowler: “One of our key focus areas is to align our roadmap to that of HP Storage Division so when they release a new product, ES ITO has already certified to operate that product in our clients environment.  I also want to ensure we are capturing what the account teams are planning with their clients, and what our sales and solutioners are seeing that they require to win. This feedback is critical to ensure we do develop those services and capabilities that our clients need today and into the future.”


5. What have you learned about Storage Services that you would like our audience to know?


Fowler: “This is a great group of people. The people on my team, those that we work with in the regions, and our partners are absolutely committed to providing the best service to our clients and driving us forward to improve across the board.  I am really looking forward to the next 12-to- 24 months as we develop the capabilities required to manage the data explosion we are now experiencing, and to effectively manage the storage regardless of where the clients sources it  from. Whether that’s from the Cloud or traditional infrastructure environments, this is a very exciting area to be involved in.”  


I hope this interview provides you some insight into the new leader of Storage Services. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. Also for more information on HPES Storage Services, please visit us here.

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