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Over the weekend I read a Gartner report called “Ten  Key Actions to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs”.   I personally found it informative, but most of all, I liked it because it offers a candid, realistic and well-rounded perspective on the topic of reducing infrastructure and  operations costs.  The paper starts out acknowledging that this is not the first rodeo for most IT organizations…that they’ve been down this cost-cutting road before…in some cases two, three or more times. 


But…knowing that…they still insist that their research has found that additional savings can be identified or achieved if you focus your efforts around “ten key cost cutting actions”. 

  • Defer noncritical key initiatives.
  • Re-examine networking costs.
  • Virtualize Infrastructure and Outsourcing.
  • Reduce power and cooling needs.
  • Consolidate Infrastructure & Outsourcing.
  • Contain storage growth.
  • "Push down" IT support.
  • Streamline IT operations.
  • Enhance IT asset management (ITAM).
  • Optimize multi-sourcing.


Now…some of you might be reading this list thinking… “No surprises here”.   Okay…that’s fine!  It’s true…most of the “concepts” they highlight do regularly get spotlighted in other research papers or whitepapers.  But…there are actionable lists and ideas in this document that can be used to get conversations started within your organization.  It’s worth the read.


I understand – and the writers of this paper understand - most of you have already begun to tackle some of these areas – even with limited budgets and resources.  But…it’s very possible that some of your efforts in these areas were delayed or derailed due to other priorities and you simply couldn’t get it all done.   So…for those of you in that boat…consider this piece a reminder…a summary of the key IT optimization projects each organization should be focusing (or in many cases re-focusing) on in order to achieve real cost savings down the road.


If you’re not as far along on this checklist as you think you should be…don’t feel too bad.  In some webinars conducted by Gartner in early 2011, they asked organizations about their progress on these fronts.  Net-net, most believed “they had substantial additional opportunities to pursue when it comes to [Infrastructure and Operations] cost optimization”.  In fact, nearly 75% of respondents felt they were less than halfway done with the implementation of these improvement projects.


If for no other reason…you should take a few minutes to read this and remind yourself of those things you should be working on to start getting ahead.  For the past few years, most IT operations have been in a rut.  They’ve had to lay people off, delay tech refresh, put optimization projects on hold.  At the same time, you’ve had to build out additional storage and computing environments to support all of the new apps and data your organization is creating.  Budgets are still tight, but you cannot afford to delay these efforts forever.  Take a look at this paper for tips on how to get your IT team back on track.  And if you decide you need a little help in some of these areas - either assessing the optimization opportunities or implementing IT improvement plans - give your HP Account Manager a call.  We have a sizeable pool of IT consultants and a robust portfolio of consulting and professional services for you to leverage if needed.

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