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Catch HP Labs presenters or panelists at HP Discover 2012 breakout sessions

At HP Labs we’re very excited to be going to HP Discover and can’t wait to demonstrate the groundbreaking innovation that’s been happening at Labs. We also want to show how much of our research is driven by the collaborations we have with HP’s business units. To that end, in addition to the demos that will be presented in the HP Labs Pavilion in the Discover Zone throughout the three days of the event, several of our researchers will be presenting or participating in some of the technical and business breakout sessions:

HP Discover Session Catalog

Session ID #TB2192:   Enterprise Group and HP Labs present: next generation data centers—we've come a long way, baby! 
HP is passionate about data center efficiency, from research to reality. Come listen to visionaries and experts from HP and HP Labs discuss the evolution of power and cooling in the data center. Presenter Cullen Bash, HP Distinguished Technologist and interim Director of the Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group. Wednesday 11:15 PM.


Session ID #BB2158:  Innovation in governance with HP Privacy and Compliance Advisor
This session will give a detailed overview of the HP Privacy Advisor and Compliance tool and describe how it can be used to improve corporate compliance in privacy and data protection regulation. Presenter Tomas Sander, Principal Scientist, Cloud and Security Lab. Wednesday 11:15 PM.

Session ID #BB3061:  Why you should care about Systems of Record
Attend this session to learn why you should care about Systems of Record and what steps you should take next. Presenter Charlie Bess, HP Fellow, Services and Solutions Research Lab. Thursday 2:45 PM.


Session ID #BB3062:  Life as we know it is going to be all about “Systems of Engagement”
Systems of Engagement are about growth. They’re about making you stand out from your competition. In fact, they’re going to be the reason your customers remain your customers and the way you’re going to attract somebody else's customers. In this session, we’re going to look at examples of organizations that are doing just that and explore the technology they’re doing it with. Presenter Charlie Bess, HP Fellow, Services and Solutions Research Lab. Thursday 11:45 PM.


Session ID #RT3063:  Don’t be the only one wondering about Systems of Record!
Join this roundtable session to discuss whether Systems of Record make sense for your business and if so, what you should do with them. Presenter Charlie Bess, HP Fellow, Services and Solutions Research Lab. Wednesday 5:15 PM.


Session ID #RT3064:  Yes! You can have it this week: How to please your LoB manager
If your Line of Business manager is asking for a System of Engagement today, this is the session you need to attend. Come learn more about Systems of Engagement and what they mean for you, your business and your LoB manager. Panelist Charlie Bess, HP Fellow, Services and Solutions Research Lab. Wednesday 4:00 PM.


Session ID #RT2883:  Master the Cloud series: Application transformation in preparation for cloud
HP Application Transformation to Cloud Services enables organizations to determine cloud suitability for applications and infrastructure as they plan their transformation. Application Transformation to Cloud Services is a full lifecycle solution, from analysis to implementation of applications on cloud infrastructure. Learn three core steps that can be employed to transform your applications. Presenter Charlie Bess, HP Fellow, Services and Solutions Research Lab. Wednesday 2:45 PM.


Session ID #BB2057:  Project Moonshot: The future of extreme scale computing using servers based on ARM and Intel ATOM
To serve the insatiable appetite for digital content and experiences, a new generation of Internet businesses must scale their technology to match the surge in social media and e-business. IT faces soaring numbers of servers, storage, and network connections—and the energy to power them and data centers to house them. While most traditional IT computing can be best served by existing server technology, these new demands need a new approach—one that enables server scale out to dramatic new levels within existing energy and space constraints. HP Project Moonshot paves the way to the future of extreme low-energy server technology to help achieve energy, power and space savings never before imagined. Panelist Partha Ranganathan, HP Fellow, Intelligent Infrastructure Lab. Tuesday 5:15 PM.

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