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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Craig Sayers on agility and consistency for data center management



Craig-Sayers_April-2015.jpg“Software developers at large tech companies spend a lot of time writing code for tasks that colleagues elsewhere in the organization have already addressed. Scripts are rarely written or documented with discovery in mind, and the APIs on which they depend are frequently inconsistent, further limiting reuse,” suggests HP Labs Senior Research Manager Craig Sayers.


“That has a real impact on how well we’re able to create, manage, and improve systems that are essential to IT operations,” he adds.


At HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas on June 3rd, Sayers will lead a discussion forum ("Bringing consistency and agility to datacenter management -- a conversation with HP Labs") exploring a solution from HP Labs that tackles these issues from the specific perspective of data center management and that was inspired, in part, by practices already used in mobile app development.

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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Amip Shah on unlocking the full value of the Internet of Things

Discover LV 2015.jpg



“The Internet of Things (IoT) is rightly a hot topic in technology,” notes Amip Shah, head of Internet of Things research at HP Labs. After all, he says, “the networks of millions – and even billions - of linked devices envisioned by the concept could radically improve how we manage our lives.”


But at the same time, Shah argues, if we’re to make real progress on that vision, we need to separate the hype that too often surrounds the Internet of Things from the reality.


“We first need a clear sense of where we are today with the IoT and, especially, of what it can’t yet do that we’d like it to,” he suggests. “Then we can ask: what do we need to do to make those things happen?”


In a talk titled "Unlocking the Internet of Things: HP Labs on Distributed Mesh Computing" at HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas on June 2nd, Shah will examine the IoT state-of-the-art, including a review of the research path that led us to where the IoT is today. He’ll then showcase work underway at HP Labs that promises to deliver on some of the potential it’s yet to realize.

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Miranda Mowbray inspires young women mathematicians to consider careers in data science



miranda_mowbray.jpgAs a woman studying mathematics at University in the UK, HP Labs data scientist Miranda Mowbray remembers being in a distinct minority.


So when she gave an invited talk recently at the annual Women In Maths conference organized by the London Mathematical Society, the national professional organization for mathematicians, she was thrilled to discover that her audience was 90% female.


“I wish there had been this kind of event when I was at school and university.  Just the novelty of it was delightful,” says Mowbray of the conference – titled “It All Adds Up: Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences” – held last month at Oxford University and extended from its usual one day to four days to mark the society’s 150th anniversary.

HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Rycharde Hawkes on “Management at Scale for the New Style of IT”



Rycharde-Hawkes_blog.jpg“Modern business has become incredibly complex from an IT perspective,” suggests HP Labs Distinguished Technologist Rycharde Hawkes.  


“We’re already using large numbers of hardware and software solutions purchased from multiple vendors that we’re expecting to interact in ways that no-one ever planned for,” he notes. “Then look forward to the coming data explosion, and you can see that this model just isn’t sustainable.”


In a talk at HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas on June 3rd, Hawkes will share recent HP Labs research aimed at overcoming this complexity, an approach he describes as “management at scale.” 

Technologies that could change the world by 2022



Over the past two years, nine IEEE Computer Society tech leaders collaborated to identify important industry advances that promise to change the world by 2022.  Two HP Labs researchers, Dejan Milojicic and Paolo Faraboschi, were on this team, with the project being led by Milojicic, the 2014 President of the IEEE Computer Society. This effort resulted in the “IEEE CS 2022 Report,” which is available here.



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