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HP Labs Israel celebrates 20 years of innovation



HP Labs Israel this week marks the twentieth anniversary of one of the key sites of HP’s famed central research arm.


The lab, located on the campus of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and overlooking the city of Haifa, is globally recognized as a leader in innovation, most notably in imaging, printing, and analytics research.


“HP Labs Israel is a shining example of HP Labs’ focus on making research real. The team has delivered a steady stream of innovations and technologies partnering with HP’s businesses, especially in Printing and Software.” said Martin Fink, EVP, HP CTO and Director of HP Labs, in marking the occasion. 

HP Labs at HP Discover 2014 – Bill Horne on using big data for security

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The future of data security rests on our ability to mine enormous volumes of relevant data for otherwise hidden insights, believes HP Labs research manager Bill Horne of HP’s Security and Cloud Lab.


“The most difficult threats to deal with are ‘zero-day’ attacks, which by definition are threats that have never been seen before,” Horne explains. “Last year there were 30 million new strains of malware in circulation.  They are increasingly becoming undetectable by traditional ‘signature’ based detection methods.”


Horne will be offering a sneak peak at how HP Labs is working to detect such threats by analyzing data as it flows through modern information networks on June 12th at HP’s 2014 Discover event in Las Vegas.

HP Labs at HP Discover 2014 – Kimberly Keeton to discuss reinventing the architecture of computing



Kim.jpgWe’re swiftly moving to a world where 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet. And as a result, argues HP Labs researcher Kimberly Keeton, “we’re going to need an entirely new kind of infrastructure to collect, process, store, and analyze all the data that these devices will be offering us.”


In a talk on June 11th at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas, Keeton will outline how researchers at HP Labs are starting to build out this new large-scale, high-performance infrastructure.


“I’ll be sharing some of the technologies that we’re working on right now,” says Keeton, who specializes in the design, implementation, and analysis of data-intensive computing systems in HP’s Systems Research Lab. “By developing low energy systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), for example, we’re aiming to put together a new, low-energy architecture in the rack-scale computing space. Then there are trends in universal memory that are changing the way that we’re thinking about writing system software and applications – offering a tremendous opportunity to get better performance through rethinking computer architecture.”

HP Labs at HP Discover 2014 – Amip Shah on ‘IT for the IoT’



When we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), we tend to focus on the everyday physical objects and sensors that are predicted to join information networks in unprecedented numbers, notes HP Labs researcher Amip Shah. “That’s very important and we’re doing a lot of interesting work on the device side at HP Labs,” he says. “But what really excites me is the ‘Internet’ part of the equation.”


Shah, who runs the IoT team within HP’s Analytics Lab, will be sharing his perspective in a June 10 presentation at HP Discover 2014 titled “IT for IoT: Next-generation information technology from HP Labs for the Internet of Things.”

Guide to HP Labs sessions at HP Discover 2014

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HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas, June 10-12, is just a little more than a month away. Below is a list of the sessions presented by HP Labs researchers - sign up now to be sure you have a spot. And check back here for more on the HP Labs technologies you’ll be able to see in action in the Discover Zone.


HP Discover Session Catalog


Session ID IT4687 – Star Trek or Skynet? -- The future according to HP Labs

Presenters: John Sontag, VP and Director, Systems ResearchJaap Suermondt, VP and Director, Analytics LabMartin Sadler, VP and Director, Security and Cloud Lab, Bristol

Tracks: Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Security

Thursday June 12 11:15 – 11:35 AM in the Innovation Theater


At HP Labs, we’re passionate about your future. As HP’s central research facility, we examine emerging trends to understand where our world is headed, and then create revolutionary technologies to address the most complex issues our customers will face in the next decade and beyond. Join three of HP’s senior technologists for a fascinating look into the future of technology, and consider how it will transform the world as we know it.


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