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HP Earth Insights – applying the New Style of IT to real life

Big Data is nothing without the support of analytics, asserted Michael Cavaretta, Predictive Analytics Leader, Ford Motor Company in a recent keynote. While this is true to individual enterprises across various industries, it is even more so in the largest enterprise of all – Planet Earth. Collection of all the data generated by ecological shifts in the environment and its subsequent analysis is a monumental task. So what can we do to help understand the complex environmental change of our planet’s accelerating biodiversity loss? Well, you need to look no further than HP Earth Insights, which applies the foundational tenets of the New Style of IT to one of the world’s most complex challenges – real life.

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This joint partnership between HP and Conservation International (CI) announced at HP Discover Barcelona symbolizes the application of Big Data solutions to the betterment of largest enterprise of all – Planet Earth. This project collects, manages and analyzes a large and growing amount and variety of data, addressing inputs from climate sensors and camera traps related to species, vegetation, precipitation, temperature, carbon stocks, humidity, solar radiation and more. Currently, the results are astonishing:


  1. 3 Terabytes of critical biodiversity information
  2. More than 1.4 million photos
  3. More than 3 million climate measurements


Collection is only one piece of the puzzle. HP Earth Insights’ analytics enables scientists to glean insight from this data, so they can direct needed steps to protect species, habitats, and humans to improve the overall environment. Insights such as:


  • Since 2012, 12 percent of the 275 species being monitored have significantly decreased, including the sun bear found in Southeast Asia and the agile mangabey found in Central Africa.
  • Insectivores – like the moonrat and the masked palm civet – are declining.
  • Three species native to Braulio Carrillo National Park (Costa Rica) are declining: the lowland paca, the Central American agouti, and the nine-banded armadillo.

The following technologies and services have come together to effectively enable the HP Earth Insights solution:


This solution deals with a constantly changing, global environment that generates data by the second – something that has happened since the dawn of time. Enterprises deal with such Big Data challenges today in their own respective domains. If it can be done for Planet Earth, it can be done for the microcosms of enterprises that make up Planet Earth – provided they have the right leadership, the right partner with the full package and the right tools.


Enterprises need to take the right steps to apply such solutions in their own real-life environments. While they’re at it, HP Earth Insights provides a working example of how they can be applied not just in real-life but to real-life. One for the environment.


How are your Enterprise Big Data solutions impacting real life? What is your approach to gleaning valuable insight from the data generated? Please let me know.


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