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Have you seen your cloud computing job description lately?

Jobs -- always a hot topic -- get even more attention during the election season.  especially in a challenging economy. While economic factors tend to affect the number of jobs, technology continues to impact the job descriptions. Forbes blogger, Joe McKendrick provides 5 key ways cloud computingwill disrupt everyone's job during the next few years.


McKendrick's observations made me wonder how the job descriptions will be different for the roles that are key to the delivery of IT services.


CXO. CIOs must transform themselves into cooperative IT citizens and ensure that they can readily answer the ROI question on cloud computing. CFOs must ensure that there are mechanisms in place to effectively compute the cost of cloud computing. CTOs need to factor in the implications of enabling technologies that converge solutions into the cloud. CEOs must work with the executive leadership to ensure that the overalls cloud strategy is in alignment with the business objectives for the enterprise.


Architect. Enterprise Architects must continue to build upon foundational SOA principles to realize the transformation to Cloud. While doing so, they must ensure that history does not repeat itself when integrating to cloud service providers. Service orientation must be applied to the infrastructure as well in the cloud, leveraging the first technical standard for Cloud Computing.


Developer. Developers need to design and build applications leveraging parallel components that facilitate the scalability of cloud-based solutions. When building out services to be provisioned in the cloud, developers must ensure that they can effectively interface with a wide consumer base agnostic to specific technologies platforms.

Tester. When it comes to testing, testers need to be familiar with multiple aspects:


Operator. Operations personnel need to be familiar with the nuances associated with the management of physical and virtual resources. Usage of systems management tools that are agnostic to the underlying physical or virtual environments facilitate the seamless automation of such environments.


It is not the first time that job descriptions will be undergoing change. Change happened with the industrial revolution, the introduction of the automobile, the steam engine, the aircraft and yes -- computers. What is interesting is that the conceptual roles don't change as often. Architects existed even before the industrial revolution. The shapes that preceded the wheel would have gone through multiple testing cycles before the wheel was invented for the very first time.


Change will continue in the future for other reasons like flexible displays and wearable devices. A day in the life of an Applications Development and Delivery professional will look quite different in 2020.


But, the change that is most pertinent to the times of today is related to the Cloud -- which is why McKendrick calls it out in his post. And I do so in mine.


What do you think? Are there other changes that these roles will go through? Are there other roles related to IT Services that are likely to be impacted because of the cloud? Do you have a viewpoint on the manner in which other paradigms - say, mobility -- impacts these roles? Please let me know.


This post is part of the Knowledge Matters cloud series. Be on the lookout for our up and coming blogs on cloud and mobility. And you can always check out our previous Knowledge Matters articles on the HP Applications Services blog.


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TestDrive | ‎10-30-2012 06:28 AM

Thanks for defining Cloud Computing in an easy manner. I'm learning about Cloud Computing and found your blog, thank you very much for your information you has shared.

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